MilitarySgt. 1st Class Erick Vedder, 31st Engineer Battalion, has been an enthusiastic, professional and committed leader in rapidly transforming our installation in-processing program. He spearheaded the effort, coordinated across numerous agencies, and has shown great dedication to an effort that will have a huge impact on every person in-processing and integrating in to Fort Leonard Wood. The Maneuver Support Center of Excellence greatly appreciates Vedder’s leadership.CivilianJames Williamson, a transportation assistant with the Logistics Readiness Center, is consistently compassionate, cool under pressure and caring while working with service members in stressful times. He recently assisted a service member who received orders one week prior to the reporting date. Williamson was helpful, courteous, reassuring and provided numerous methods to move property with a household goods shipment to meet the service member’s timeline. MSCoE appreciates Williamson’s professionalism and selfless service.(Editor’s note: This article was submitted to the GUIDON by MSCoE.)