Newest installment of Army marketing campaign profiles the diverse careers of 12 Soldiers to communicate there is a role for everyone as part of the Nation’s most formidable force

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12, 2021 — The U.S. Army announced the next chapter of the “What’s Your Warrior?” marketing campaign, signaling an expansion of its ongoing efforts to showcase the breadth and depth of opportunities for today’s youth to achieve their goals in America’s largest military branch. Building on the success of the 2019 launch, the latest installment invites today’s youth deeper into the Army experience through an exploration of 12 unique career specialties and the Soldiers who occupy them.

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“When we launched ‘What’s Your Warrior?,’ we established a new world for Gen Z to inhabit and explore its Army on their terms – and we know they liked what they saw thanks to a nearly 53% spike in online interest in the first year alone,” said Maj. Gen. Alex Fink, Chief of Army Enterprise Marketing. “To continue the momentum, now we’re inviting youth deeper into this world through the eyes and experiences of real Soldiers. Who better to introduce America’s youth to the wealth of opportunity in the U.S. Army than the Soldiers who live and breathe it every day?”

The Army Soldiers headlining the campaign were hand-selected to represent the breadth and depth of skillsets, interests, and cultural backgrounds that make up the Army community. Out of more than 200 career options currently available in the Army, 12 specific careers were chosen to both raise awareness of surprising Army roles and promote some of the more in-demand fields.

“Our success depends on our ability to attract the best and brightest our country has to offer, so it was particularly important for us to show more than just the diversity of Army careers, but also the diversity of the Army community,” said Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy. “Each Soldier is a valuable contributor to the Army’s mission because of the unique backgrounds and perspectives they bring to Army service.”

The campaign brings 12 Soldiers’ diverse Army specialties to life by assigning each one an aspirational identity, known as a “moniker,” that speaks to the power of every Army role and makes even the most complex fields immediately more recognizable and relatable. These monikers pay homage to the beloved protagonists of epic media franchises, while creating natural avenues for youth to meaningfully connect with the Army based on personal and professional interests. The 12 featured monikers and Soldiers include:

1.     The Dragon Tamer (1st Lt. Phillip Fluke, Aviation Officer*): It takes a near-mythical level of skill to harness the power of an Army helicopter. Army pilots’ determination and specialized training allow them to do the seemingly impossible.

2.     The Wavelength (Sgt. Jennifer Smith, Signal Support Systems Specialist): Signal warriors have the technical expertise to capture and send the critical communications we can't see. This allows the seamless connection between units and the entire Army across the globe.

3.     The Virus Hunter (Maj. Derese Getnet, Microbiologist): It takes a certain kind of power to confront and neutralize the not-so-little threats to human health. The microbiologists work to not only handle ongoing threats but ones that may occur in the future.

4.     The Chameleon (Sgt. 1st Class Jean-Noel Howell, Infantryman*): A sniper gains a tactical advantage by disappearing into the landscape. Their mastery of stealth, reconnaissance, and weaponry makes them the deadliest unseen force on the battlefield.

5.     The Thunder Maker (Staff Sgt. Jada Madson, Multiple Launch Rocket Systems Crewmember): Firing rockets and missiles from miles away, they provide tactical support and clear advantage on the battlefield with each resounding rocket impact and flash.

6.     The Ground Breaker (Sgt. Frincee Prado, Technical Engineer): An expert in design and construction, the technical engineer imagines structures and works collaboratively with the engineering community to build them into existence.

7.     The Code Fighter (Maj. Erika Alvarado, Cyber Operations Officer**): The Army needs those with digital chops to hold the frontlines of the future. Here cyber warriors battle threats that attempt to come across the digital network day in and day out.

8.     The Sharpened Steel (Col. Roy Danks, MD, General Surgeon*): As powerful as any weapon in battle, a surgeon's expert skills can be the instrumental difference between life and death.

9.     The Replenisher (Sgt. Josthin Josue Servellon Hernandez, Culinary Specialist): Army chefs fuel the force by providing the critical nutrition our Soldiers need to succeed in any mission.

10. The Force Multiplier (Sgt. Maj. Zachary Bowman, Special Forces Senior Sergeant): A "force multiplier" has the ability to scale their power. In this case, it's the Special Forces Soldier’s training of indigenous forces to protect and defend themselves. Special Forces Soldiers have various roles they master, enabling them to be the solution in any clime and place.

11. The Nerve Center (Spc. Marian Jones, Intelligence Analyst): When the data pours in, it takes a corps of experts to analyze it and find the advantages, turning information into action.

12. The Upper Hand (Sgt. Javaughn Harrison, Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operator**): With a mighty fleet at their fingertips, Unmanned Aircraft Systems operators give their nation the ultimate aerial advantage.

Monikers and the Soldiers behind them are also taking over @GoArmy social media channels as part of “Warrior Weeks,” a complimentary content series that offers an exclusive, firsthand look at “a day in the life” of Army Soldiers. The series, told by Soldiers, will appear on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook now through April 2. Collectively, these stories communicate that there are many ways to be a warrior and, through Army service, Soldiers can both contribute to something greater than themselves while improving who they will become.

To help youth find their inner warrior, the Army is pairing the campaign with an improved online Army Career Match tool at that uses an interactive quiz to align personal interests with one of over 200 unique roles within the Army. A mix of traditional and digital advertising, grassroots outreach, and public relations engagement will continue to reach Gen Z recruits and their influencers across their preferred platforms.

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* In “What’s Your Warrior?” still imagery, the Dragon Tamer, Chameleon, and Sharpened Steel monikers are represented by 2nd Lt. Hatem Smadi, Staff Sgt. Devin McClain, and Maj. Muoy Lim, MD, respectively.

** Both Maj. Erika Alvarado and Sgt. Javaughn Solomon Harrison were promoted after the production of the campaign.


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