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Soldiers and maintainers—now that PS Magazine is a fully online platform, it’s easier than ever to share your maintenance and supply tips and ideas with us. In turn, we can share these tips and ideas to a wider audience by turning them into PS Magazine articles.

You may not be aware, but in addition to submissions from the field, PS Magazine generates articles from sources such as other authorized Army websites, newsletters, TDYs, online publications, and requests from the various life cycle management commands or LCMCs. Over the years, PS Magazine writers have regularly visited units to talk to Soldiers about their vehicles, equipment and supply processes. These discussions typically lead to a large number of articles. But with Covid-19 currently limiting travel, you don’t have to wait for a visit from PS Magazine to give your input. You can send in your maintenance, logistics and supply management tips and ideas now.

Do you have a maintenance or supply tip, a better way to accomplish a task, a newly created tool or a process that’s helpful in performing maintenance and supply duties? If so, we want to hear about it. You can view an example of input PS Magazine received on patriot missile preventive maintenance at:

Be aware that all ideas, tips and other input must be reviewed by the appropriate LCMC, such as the Aviation and Missile Command, the Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command or the Communications-Electronics Command, for relevance and technical accuracy. Sometimes ideas submitted from the field aren’t supported by an LCMC. In these cases, PS Magazine will always provide an explanation for why the tip, idea or tool cannot be adopted.

So put on your thinking caps and send in your helpful maintenance and logistics ideas so we can share those that truly enhance unit readiness Army-wide. If you're ready to submit something, email us at:

With your help, PS Magazine will continue to be the Army’s premier source for readiness information.