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It is an extraordinary honor to be a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division at this time. In our Division, we take care of each other – in garrison and in combat – there is no difference. Our people are a national treasure – people are our #1 priority. They have answered the Nation’s call to deploy, fight, and win against any enemy, anywhere. Therefore, we have two moral responsibilities – prepare our Paratroopers and Families to ensure we can fight, win, and survive in combat and care for this group like they are our own family.

Our All American Division represents Americans from all backgrounds and perspectives, bonded together as a Paratrooper culture and community. Paratroopers are specially trained elite Soldiers who take care of, encourage, and protect each other just as we would care for members of our own family. The Paratrooper is the most critical and lethal weapon in our arsenal. We are our brothers and sisters keepers. When a fellow LGOP is threatened or faces danger we act! If a Paratrooper is being attacked, harassed, using drugs, discriminated against, or facing prejudice we demonstrate the courage to take action – we do not tolerate Fratricide on the LGOP. There are no innocent bystanders – we do not tolerate these evils, whether perpetrated by an enemy force or another member of our team. We identify those at risk and help anyone who may be thinking of harming themselves. Regardless of rank or experience - we have the guts/bravery to act in combat, the barracks, off post, during training – anywhere in the world to protect our own – this is our culture.

The Strength of this Division is its People, and we are creating Unbeatable LGOPs (little groups of Paratroopers) – cohesive and lethal crews, sections, teams, and squads that are highly trained, disciplined, and fit. This starts with how we bring LGOPs into our formations. We prioritize our people and the basics to ensure our LGOPs can fight, survive, thrive and win in any environment. We demand that leaders from Division, Brigade, and Battalion set the conditions for Company, Troop, and Battery level training programs that relentlessly focus on the basics: fitness for combat, lethality, small unit drills, medical proficiency, and the airborne assault. Leaders provide predictability to Paratroopers through effective training management. We out prepare, out think, and out last our adversaries. This requires talent and stability – we must retain our talent – this is every leader’s job. Airborne Leaders must care for and develop Paratroopers with conviction and results.

The Division provides the Nation ground forces who can deploy, fight, and win anywhere within 18 hours of notification.  We are always on alert. This Division is a unique and specially trained ground force that is predictable to allies/partners and unpredictable to adversaries. We ruthlessly maintain readiness in all areas – personnel, maintenance, supply, and training – we use our signature training events to hone our ability to dominate any drop zone/battlefield in all domains. We are implementing a DIV readiness cycle to establish predictability, focus, and care of our LGOPs – Paratroopers and families – to ensure we care for people while preparing for combat.

We are an Army in transition. Therefore we are transforming the Division. The nature of war remains brutal and uncertain, but the character of war – tactics, techniques, technologies – is changing rapidly. It is this generation of Paratroopers, like the WWII generation, that must imagine, develop, and execute how the 82nd is going to fight now and in the future. This will require us to understand our adversaries, innovate from the lowest levels, and modernize to ensure the 82nd is organized, equipped, manned, and trained to complete whatever the Nation asks us to do. A remarkable opportunity for us all – history will judge how well we do or fail to do.

Our Paratroopers are living the Division’s Legacy around the world. We do what is right, the right way, always – our actions clearly communicate who we are and what we stand for – that is our culture. The DCSM and I believe in each of you. We can never say Thank You enough. Our Paratroopers and our families are our greatest asset. We will ensure you and your family are prepared for combat, you are cared for like members of our family, and when called upon, the 82nd Airborne Division will win because of who we are.