WIESBADEN, Germany – Five employees were issued surprise awards at their workplace for outstanding customer service at US Army Garrison Wiesbaden Dec. 18, 2020.Garrison Commander Col. Mario Washington, accompanied by Command Sgt. Maj. Christopher Truchon; Scott Mowry, deputy garrison commander; Brittany Casey, customer service support specialist and Interactive Customer Evaluation site administrator; and Benjamin Brand, administrative support assistant, began their morning at the post office, to issue the $500 award and certificate of recognition to Annette Kamunya, postal operations assistant.Upon arrival to the post office facility, the staff gathered as Washington offered praise to the group. “I appreciate what you all do,” he said. “Thank you for what you do every day.”Following a round of appreciative applause, Washington called Kamunya to the front to acknowledge her specific customer service for the month of September. “Thank you and I am so honored,” she said as Washington issued the reward.The customer service awards tour, as it is called by the command staff, is unique to Wiesbaden’s garrison. Casey said, “It’s an opportunity to get to know individuals who work within an organization. Everybody knows the post office but does anybody really know the individuals who make up the organization?” She added, “This is an opportunity to recognize the individuals instead of just the whole.”While other garrisons issue monthly customer service awards, Wiesbaden is the only one that does the tour to issue awards in the workplace. “It’s my favorite part of my day,” Washington said. “You can’t beat it.”Casey said, “This is literally the favorite part of my job.”The following individuals were given the monthly customer service award for September or October. Other individuals were not available on the tour date and will receive their awards at a later date.September winnersAnnette Kamunya, postal operations assistant, according to the award write up, “interacts with customers at the In and Out office in a very professional way. She replaced 4,855 worn-out mailbox name labels to increase visibility and efficiency in mail placement into the mailboxes. She conducted all aged mail and tracked the mailbox holders to collect, forward or close their mailboxes in accordance with postal regulations. She improved customer service and problem solving. She has been on the front line to help other departments within the post office whenever the department requires assistance. She preserves high quality, positive standards and outstanding customer service for the Wiesbaden community.”Doris Roschmann, vehicle registration clerk, was nominated for her superior customer service skills and glowing ICE comment cards. According to the award write up, “Doris has been a staple at vehicle registration. Without her hard work and dedication to the organization, vehicle registration would not have been able to keep up with the PCS season. Doris had many positive customer ICE comments, has a very pleasant way of treating customers and helps inform our community on their registration requirements. With only two registration clerks to work through an entire PCS season, Doris sacrificed taking needed time out for personal relaxation, instead giving it to support the community, foregoing personal health and safety to ensure our customers’ registration needs were taken care of during a pandemic. Doris personally completed on average 550 transactions and 160 phone calls monthly.”Kokou Nelitche, supply technician for the Logistics Readiness Center, has held his position for 38 years. According to the award write up, “As a Supply Technician, for the Logistics Readiness Center - Wiesbaden 405th Army Field Support Brigade Central Issue Facility, Mr. Nelitche performs his duties with a positive attitude in support of the war fighter. He is always willing to go the extra mile for the customers. He works the customer service counter at CIF where they receive Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment from the Soldiers out-processing as well as issues to the new Soldiers in processing. He has played a vital part and is always willing to step up to complete the mission. His positive and up-beat attitude has improved morale in the workplace. He is always eager to meet the customers and assist them with their OCIE needs. He's received numerous positive Interactive Customer Cards stating how the individual is very precise with the in depth explanations, and ensures members do not leave the office with any unanswered questions. He is consistently commended on the outstanding service and his willingness to assist customers in all aspects of CIF procedures. He is exceptionally courteous and patient.”October winnersRamona Taeubrich, lead gardener with the Directorate of Public Works, has been working in her role for eight years. According to the write up, “Especially during the last month of COVID-19 pandemic, Ms. Taeubrich displayed exceptional customer service and dedication supporting community members. She has performed above and beyond regular performance standards. She had been proactive and responsive during and outside working hours to support garrison and customer requests. Her very short response time and her professionalism to correct customer problems were impressive. She earned the respect of the customers by managing a professional Grounds Service to the garrison including maintenance of green areas, professional sport field maintenance and landscaping. She demonstrated a high professional attitude by providing additional assistance wherever needed to help the mission, and went way above and beyond her regular duty as leader to ensure minimal maintenance backlog to provide exceptional customer service in the critical period of COVID-19. She demonstrated extraordinary engagement and action in improving the efficiency in the operational procedure of the grounds maintenance shop while staffing was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions. Her dedication and professionalism reflect great credit on her, the DPW and the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden.”William "Bill" Kavanagh, environmental engineer with DPW, has worked for the Army for 21 years, including the three in his current position. According to the write up, “Highly recommend Mr. William Kavanagh receive the Customer Service Award for continuous professional and courteous communication to customers concerned about their drinking water quality. In recently completing the 5-year Army campaign to test all Army Family Housing units’ primary drinking water taps for lead, Bill applies his Risk Communication training to patiently and simply assure residents that the high quality water the garrison receives from reputable German purveyors is safe to drink. He repeatedly recommends residents and community members apply the EPA recommended best management practices to immediately improve water quality, which are to briefly flush before use, use only cold water (not hot) for consumption purposes and occasionally clean aerators to remove sediments. Bill also disseminates this mantra via Information Papers and in the Region's first Drinking Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report (CCR). This Garrison CCR offers residents and the community a transparent overview of garrison water sources and water quality. Managing the drinking water program not only involves communicating with community members, but entails internal technical/logistical coordination with DPW Customer Service, Housing Division and Plumbing Shop. Bill understands the inner workings of the DPW and coordinates well with peers to quickly accomplish corrective actions when needed so customers consistently receive safe compliant drinking water.”