Give To Those Who Give So Much

By OAA AdminstratorDecember 29, 2020

How Can I Help The Army?

The United States Army consists of Soldiers, their families and civilians that epitomize what is great about the United States. Their willingness to sacrifice and preserve our way of life and build a better future for others is the foundation of our nation’s strength and character.

Due to the overwhelming generosity and support of the American public wanting to know “How Can I Help the Army?” the Army Gift web site was developed to provide a centralized source of information describing contribution options for those who have expressed a desire to support the Army, its Soldiers, and their Families.

The Army Gift Program manages and prescribes Army policy for the acceptance and disposition of gifts of real property, personal property, or money offered to the Army for the benefit of its organizations and personnel. The program does not solicit contributions. Rather, it provides oversight and structure to enable citizens, organizations, and corporations to contribute cash, goods, or real property to benefit the Army, its Soldiers, and their Families. Gifts are processed in accordance with Army Regulation 1–100, and Department of Defense 7000.14-R (Financial Management Regulation) Volume 12, Chapter 30 (Gifts under Title 10, U.S. Code, section 2601) and Volume 12, Chapter 3 (Gifts under Title 10, U.S. Code, section 2608).

The Army Gifts Programs goals are as follows:

•To answer the American Public's questions of how to help the Army, show support and appreciation for our Soldiers and their Families.

•To act as an avenue to connect the American Public with organizations and programs supporting the well-being of our Soldiers and their Families.

"This Web site is not intended to solicit donations but to provide the American public with methods by which citizens, organizations, and corporations can donate cash or goods and services to benefit Soldiers and their Families."

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