U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) and the Corporate Dental System (CDS) Program Management Office (PMO) have successful deployed the Tri-Service Encounter Module (TEM) which is a web-based Mass Event Module (MEM) that documents Soldier Readiness and dental care across the Army, Navy, and Air Force dental.The TEM merged the three Service's dental interfaces into a single platform that standardizes workflows, improves performance data capture and clinical efficiency for the 5,000 DOD dental providers across 270 dental facilities; while reducing cost, maintenance, andredundancies.Bringing the Tri-Services under unified business rules is a significant win for modernization efforts.To improve MEDCOM's Operational Mission, CDS integrated the TEM into Mobile CDS (mCDS). mCDS is a low/no comm IT solution for theater dental care and imaging.The warzone care dental care information is synchronized with the Service Member's dental record to improve care continuity.