FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — The holiday season gives us a great chance to reset, unwind and spend time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, it is also the most dangerous time of the year on the roads. Every year, hundreds of people die nationwide from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents between Christmas and New Year’s.To combat this, every president since 1981 has proclaimed December a time to focus on the prevention of impaired driving.Decisions made while under the influence of alcohol, or any other controlled substance, can have far reaching consequences. These poor decisions can negatively impact individual, family and unit readiness, along with the overall safety, health and welfare of others.Leaders, remain engaged. Make sure your teammates have a plan to travel safely. Advise them to avoid driving on Christmas and New Year’s Eve if possible. Talk to those in your care and remind them that driving while under the influence, while distracted or while sleep deprived has no place in our Team of Teams. Be good teammates and always help a battle buddy in need of safe transportation.Winter weather can add additional risk to travel. Make sure you check for inclement weather, stock food and clothing for emergencies, ensure that you have adequate fuel in case of a traffic delay and inspect vehicles before you hit the road. Abide by all laws and safety guidelines. Always wear seatbelts and ensure those within your care do the same.It’s part of our duty as Army professionals to make sure that we all make good decisions. We need you all safe this month and every month in order to accomplish our missions here at Fort Leonard Wood. Secure yourselves first and take ownership of each other’s safety while you enjoy the holiday season!Victory Starts Here — Victory Through Skill