FORT CAMPBELL, Ky. – Post residents are invited to share their military housing experiences through the Army’s annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey.An online survey link was emailed Dec. 2 to residents of Campbell Crossing, a Lendlease privatized military housing community on Fort Campbell, as well as more than 110,000 tenants living in privatized, government-owned and government-leased housing across the globe. Completing the confidential survey takes about 10 minutes. Tenants have 45 days to complete the survey that ends Jan. 15.“This survey is important because it lets us know how residents gauge their satisfaction with Campbell Crossin, Lendlease, the Army’s housing provider,” said Col. Jeremy D. Bell, garrison commander. “I strongly encourage all residents to participate and provide honest assessments of what’s being done well and where improvement is needed.”Tenants also are encouraged to provide candid feedback on Campbell Crossing’s overall performance and responsiveness. The survey feedback is used by the Army to maintain a high quality of life for Soldiers and their Families, which contributes to readiness and influences Soldiers’ attitudes about Army life.“The Army will improve homes, communities and customer service – from Army housing staff and the private housing management companies – through the candid feedback we receive from our Soldiers and their Families,” said Lt. Gen. Jason Evans, Deputy Chief of Staff of G-9, which provides policies, programs, resources and expertise for services and installation infrastructure to enable total Army readiness. G-9 is the sponsor of the survey.Survey results are a critical component in guiding the decisions the Army makes today about future housing. From the collected data, the Fort Campbell Housing Services Office and Campbell Crossing can determine how to better serve on-post residents and develop an action plan to address deficiencies.“It helps us allocate what areas we need to prioritize more or what areas need less attention,” said Karsten Haake, Lendlease project director. “The goal is to get each of our residents to participate. I’d like to see our response rate improve this year. The amount of responses we receive also determines the strength of feedback and it provides a more diverse look at what our residents want.”Based on resident feedback from previous surveys, Campbell Crossing committed to and has made significant changes, Haake said.“We recently announced major housing improvements that include building 144 new homes and a large number of renovations are being done,” he said. “The resident advisory board has been implemented and they are now part of the planning process for upcoming housing improvements. These changes will make Fort Campbell the place you want it to be and an outstanding community military Families can live, work and thrive.”Receiving firsthand accounts of what Soldiers and their Families find important in Family housing can influence decisions for future improvements.“It ties the residents into the development and planning of what these changes could look like,” Haake said.Campbell Crossing tenants who do not receive the survey notice email should contact the Fort Campbell Housing Services Office at 270-798-3808. CEL & Associates Inc., a neutral third-party group, will conduct the survey on the Army’s behalf.Although residents can always provide feedback on Campbell Crossing’s daily performance. The Tenant Satisfaction Survey allows residents to address their ideas and needs, what they want the community experience to be like in the future. They also can share what they want more and less of, and changes they recommend.For a current concern that needs to be addressed, work orders can be submitted to Campbell Crossing by calling 931-431-3966, visiting, or downloading the RENT Cafe resident app. If residents have issues they cannot resolve through Campbell Crossing, they should contact the Housing Services hotline at 270-956-4728.The Tenant Satisfaction Survey is Office of Management and Budget approved: OMB Control Number 0704-0553; OMB Expiration Date 03/31/2022.Emily LaForme, Fort Campbell Courier reporter, contributed to this article.