Kayla A. Lippincott, Bradley University
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Kayla A. Lippincott, Bradley University
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What makes the Cadet stand out among his/her peers?

Cadet Lippincott’s performance as the Cadet Company Commander exceeds all expectations, through her actions she demonstrates the initiative that epitomizes leaders of character. Kayla devoted the most time and energy to diligently establish training through coordination with Cadre, the Peoria Police Department, Bradley University officials, and the Army Corps of Engineers at Farmdale Reservoir.  During the preparation for the Combat Water Survival Training (CWST), Cadet Lippincott took it upon herself to coach underclassmen and junior Cadets who struggled with swimming. In total she trained thirteen Cadets and students on basic water survival skills.

Throughout the fall semester, Cadet Lippincott focused her efforts on retention and growing esprit de corps. Her efforts have allowed the program to grow which is indicative of four new prospective Cadets joining as a result of her direct recruitment. She has also prepared the MSIII cadets for Advanced Camp training by spending supplemental time with them to teach tactics and mentorship.  During the weekends throughout October, Cadet Lippincott lead voluntary MSIII training at Farmdale Reservoir so Cadets could develop a solid understanding of patrol techniques.

In preparation of the fall 2020 field training exercise, Cadet Lippincott lead the development of the land navigation training at Ft. Knox, KY. This allowed forty-five Cadets to train and grasp the fundamentals of land navigation. Furthermore, Lippincott demonstrates her understanding of developing and maintaining professional relations as she is the primary Cadet point of contact for Army ROTC at Bradley University. On a weekly basis Kayla coordinates with multiple university offices for the use of land and the permission to conduct ceremonies and training events. ICadet Lippincott has shown herself to be the best and brightest of Illinois State University Army ROTC.

In the Cadet’s Own Words:  

Dedication to my country and service has been an integral part of my life. As a child, I grew up hearing stories of my father’s accomplishments in the United States Marine Corps. The summer before my senior year of high school, I chose to apply for an Army ROTC Scholarship due to the financial incentives.

What I never expected was to have Army ROTC be my favorite part of college or how much I would grow from the program. Now, I can honestly say that waking up at 5:00 am is my favorite part of the day and how I am truly grateful for all the opportunities Army ROTC has afforded me. Through ROTC, I have become more dedicated, motivated, and confident. I have grown to be a strong and resilient leader that has been able to apply the Army values to other aspects of my life on and off campus. The program has taught me the importance of leadership, communication and organization.

I am motivated to be a leader because I want to see more women in leadership roles in the Armed Forces. I want to show that leaders can be successful regardless of their gender. I believe that with my testimony as a strong leader, there are more opportunities for women in the Armed Forces. Within my own program, I have provided encouragement to underclassmen and challenged underclassmen to be the best version of themselves.

About Army ROTC

Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in the country and is part of your college curriculum. Through classes and field training, Army ROTC provides you with the tools to become an Army Officer without interfering with your other classes. ROTC also provides you with discipline and money for tuition while enhancing your college experience.

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