A frosty morning is slowly warmed with the rays of the sun glowing through the trees Dec. 10, 2020, at the Equipment Park in the historic Commemorative Area at Fort McCoy, Wis.Morning temperatures in the 20s caused widespread frost.The Equipment Park is an outdoor display of historic and present-day equipment representative of the types used on the installation. The design of the park allows for display of 70 pieces of equipment, ranging from helicopters and howitzers to trucks and trailers.The Commemorative Area also consists of five World War II-era buildings set aside to help tell Fort McCoy’s unique story. These facilities are representative of the types found in the cantonment area when it was constructed in 1942.Located in the heart of the upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only U.S. Army installation in Wisconsin.The installation has provided support and facilities for the field and classroom training of more than 100,000 military personnel from all services nearly every year since 1984.Learn more about Fort McCoy online at https://home.army.mil/mccoy, on Facebook by searching “ftmccoy,” and on Twitter by searching “usagmccoy.”