WIESBADEN, Germany – The now annual Noise Abatement Commission met virtually Dec. 9 to discuss flight movements and their impact to surrounding communities. The NAC, which used to meet twice a year, reduced its meetings to once per year because of the successful and continued decrease in annual noise complaints.Each year, representatives from U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, the city of Wiesbaden and the Bundeswehr get together with the district mayors and representatives from communities that surround Clay Kaserne.Due to COVID, the group met virtually with Garrison Commander Col. Mario Washington and Mike Horne, Wiesbaden Army Airfield manager, presenting from the airfield conference room.Horne reviewed the summer night flying program, which runs from May to August, and allows pilots to get needed night flying time. He also reviewed adjustments to flight routes which were made, and are continually reviewed, to address noise problems and safety concerns. While not all noise problems can be mitigated based on the flight mission, Horne said, the airfield works to ensure flights avoid heavily populated areas, higher elevations and other obstacles that can cause safety issues in low visibility, and airspace restrictions in place for nearby Frankfurt International Airport.A chart of 2020 noise complaints showed 17, less than half of the 49 reported in 2018 and 27 complaints received in 2019.Washington closed the NAC by thanking Wiesbaden Lord Mayor Gert-Uwe Mende; Carl-Michael Baum, head of the Wiesbaden Citizens’ Office; and Andreas Kowol, head of the Wiesbaden Department for the Environment, Green Areas and Transportation, for their support with the NAC and across the board.“It does not go unnoticed,” Washington said. “Your support is important to our success as an Army community. We will continue to be transparent and work closely with the Wiesbaden community, take their concerns to heart, and adjust what we can adjust.”Kowol, who co-hosts the commission with the garrison commander, echoed Washington’s sentiments and emphasized the effort and good results of the collaboration.