USACRC releases OSHA Corner

By Chris Frazier, Communication and Public Affairs, U.S. Army Combat Readiness CenterDecember 10, 2020

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USACRC OSHA Corner News Release.pdf [PDF - 141.6 KB]

Army safety and occupational health professionals have a new tool to aid them in their efforts to prevent workplace mishaps and injuries.

The U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center released the OSHA Corner Dec. 8, 2020, a portal to report Occupational Safety and Health Administration-related events and violations and to view OSHA statistics, reports and other resources. Users can access OSHA Corner via the USACRC homepage.

The site is intended to help increase communication between the USACRC and Army major commands, direct reporting units, Army service component commands and SOH professionals on various OSHA topics — particularly inspections, violations and appeals informing leaders of Army-wide safety issues, said Dana Brewer, a safety and occupational health specialist with the USACRC’s Directorate of Assessments and Prevention, Workplace Safety Division.

“The OSHA Corner website covers OSHA-significant matters to tackle current issues that the Army is addressing,” Brewer said. “It gives safety officers drill-down capability on relevant information and provides sample templates to help them bring their safety programs into OSHA compliance.”

Once logged into the site, users can access dashboard-type metrics of the latest Army OSHA information such as notices of violations, OSHA standards (general and construction), statistics on OSHA events, violations by region, five-year Army OSHA violations, and the Top 10 Army OSHA violations. Additionally, the website provides immediate reporting links to OSHA and the USACRC.

In the near future, Brewer said, the website will also provide hazard alerts and annual safety reports to further support the needs of safety personnel.

Wes Hedman, director of the USACRC’s Workplace Safety Division, believes the new tool will make it easier for units in the field to report OSHA-related events, which many currently are not doing, and decrease mishaps and violations.

The loss prevention tools and information will be updated frequently to ensure the field has timely, relevant and actionable information to incorporate into their local safety programs.

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