Fort Knox, KY – A new action borne from resident feedback at the post’s Dec. 2 housing town hall is underway to improve on-post housing.A Garrison noncommissioned officer is now dedicated for a period each workday to circulating through neighborhoods to identify any visible housing concerns and report them to housing partner Knox Hills, the Housing Division and Garrison leadership for resolution.Garrison Commander Col. CJ King developed the approach following resident concerns over incidents involving unleashed dogs and other residents sometimes not adhering to standards listed in the Knox Hills Resident Guide.“The town hall generated great feedback and provided leadership an opportunity to get an even deeper understanding of what’s on residents’ minds,” said King. “And better yet, the team’s getting after the issues.”King acknowledged that Knox Hills and the Housing Division cannot actively drive through and survey neighborhoods as frequently as they would prefer. For that reason, he tabbed Sgt. 1st Class David King to help serve as his command’s “eyes and ears.”“It’s about doing all we can to better address concerns – be it a Knox Hills, Garrison or resident item needing to be shored up,” said David King. “At the end of the day, the garrison commander wants to ensure we have a safe place for people to call home where standards are No. 1 applied fairly and No. 2 adhered to.”David King added that, while the Garrison Command team is focused on maintaining visibility, the intent remains to have any shortcomings addressed at the most basic level, as possible.“This could be in the form of a simple phone call from Knox Hills or the Housing Division,” David King said.The garrison commander noted that Command Sgt. Maj. William Fogle, the Garrison senior enlisted advisor, directly addresses matters when there are complicating factors or continued confusion or resistance over complying with standards. Regardless of circumstance, David King recirculates areas of noted concern one week later to confirm compliance.“We recognize the frustration that can otherwise grow among residents when others aren’t following the prescribed standards, most notably when well-being is at potential risk,” CJ King said.CJ King also emphasized the need for all residents to read, understand and follow the Knox Hills Resident Guide, which can be found here: He added that those with questions are encouraged to reach out to Knox Hills and the Housing Division for assistance.“To be clear, a major part of enhancing resident housing experiences remains the actions of Knox Hills, its landscape contractor Mainscape and our Garrison,” said CJ King. “It’s about across-the-board commitment and accountability in living up to our respective ends of the deal.”CJ King stressed the importance of receiving community feedback that respectfully frames problems or suggestions and that includes a point of contact. With that type of information, he said that better informs leaders and enables teams to take steps toward resolution or improvements.“This new plan represents your voices being heard and us taking action. Let’s continue working together so that Fort Knox remains a first-rate installation for everyone to live at.”Writer’s notes:* All Fort Knox residents should have received an email by Dec. 7 from CEL & Associates inviting them to participate in the DoD’s annual housing satisfaction survey. The survey results will help inform plans for near-term and future improvements to housing, resident services and community amenities. For more information, visit The survey will remain open for responses until Jan. 15, 2021. Residents who have not received a survey should email to request one.*OMB Control Number: 0704-0553; OMB Exp. Date: 03/31/2022*Knox Hills and Housing Division staff can be reach at the following·        Knox Hills Leasing Office: 502-799-6550·        North/South Dietz and Historic Offices: 502-799-6570·        Oak Park Office: 502-799-6580·        Housing Division: 502-624-2622 or