The Fort Sill branch of the United Service Organization, better known as USO, received a significant donation this week from the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Adjutant Bruce Dwyer presented Jennifer Kirby, the executive director of the Fort Sill USO, with a $1,500 check, after a friendly sit down and a cup of coffee on a wind chilled day in Lawton.Kirby said the donation arrives at just the right time as the Fort Sill USO is doing everything it can to support Soldiers and boost their spirits during this unprecedented time.“The USO’s mission on Fort Sill is to strengthen the military by keeping them connected to family, home and country”, said Kirby. The USO center provides programs that connect families together, boost morale while making available activities and events for all Soldiers across the installation.The USO programs support resiliency by providing a connection of care that service members will be able to rely on, particularly in times when they may be facing deployment, or other separation from family.Despite the challenges of the global pandemic the USO on Fort Sill has overcome obstacles to continue to provide services to the Fort Sill and extended military community in Oklahoma, while ensuring a safe environment. They have made events virtual such as cooking demonstrations and weekly storytelling, drive through programs, and they continue to support at the center with a maximum of 50 individuals at any given time.The USO will also be supporting the holiday block leave exodus by providing the trainees and Soldiers who remain on Fort Sill with entertainment events and services.The Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) donated to the USO as a way to give back to the local community.“We’re all combat wounded veterans, our goal is to help combat wounded veterans, active duty military and our older veterans. We do good deeds to promote patriotism,” says Bruce Dwyer, adjutant of the Mount Scott Chapter 602, who was joined by another MOPH member, Dan Eppler, in presenting the donation check. “We recently donated $1,000 to the 2-4 Field Artillery Battalion,” added Dwyer, before listing several other recent MOPH donations.Kirby says the recent donation from the MOPH was especially heartfelt as it was from veterans. “It’s so rewarding when a veteran’s group wants to give back to the USO, because it reflects on the work we do,” says Kirby. This symbolic gesture is just one way that veterans continue to serve and give back to their community, country and each other.“The importance of showing gratitude for all that was given to us and giving back to our local community and nation as a whole is important,” says Dwyer.Despite the recent challenges that are facing the nation, the USO on Fort Sill continues to work through these adversities to support those serving their country. If you would like more information on how to support the USO please check out the website: or you can come into the USO Center on Fort Sill.