The 20th CBRNE Command recognizes Spc. Datu Jibreel P. Sinsuat, from the  CBRNE Response Team 2, 9th CBRNE Company (Technical Escort), 110th CBRN Battalion, as the Defender of the Week.
The 20th CBRNE Command recognizes Spc. Datu Jibreel P. Sinsuat, from the CBRNE Response Team 2, 9th CBRNE Company (Technical Escort), 110th CBRN Battalion, as the Defender of the Week. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

Defender of the Week serves to recognize 20th CBRNE Command Soldiers who personify Army Ethics, values and esprit de corps of this organization. This acknowledgment for excellence is earned by members of the unit whose actions have a positive and enduring impact on the 20th CBRNE Command and/or have demonstrated an ability to extend their influence beyond their immediate chain of command through competence, sound work ethics and dynamic problem solving. Defender of the Week encompasses the achievements and values of high performing individuals and strives to highlight top performances across the command.

Our Defender of the Week is Spc. Datu Jibreel Sinsuat from CBRNE Response Team 2, 9th CBRNE Company (Technical Escort), 110th CBRN Battalion. Spc. Sinsuat’s exceptional work ethic and superior academic knowledge helped him earn Distinguished Honor Graduate with an overall grade point average of 3.92 during Basic Leader Course. He is also an outstanding performer as a trans-load sub-team leader for 9TH CBRNE Company. Spc. Sinsuat has proven himself as a top-performer, an excellent team member, and leader.

20TH CBRNE PAO: “You have been identified as a key soldier from the [Insert unit]. Will you share with us what this recognition means to you?”

Spc. Sinsuat: "This means a lot to me and it is a great honor as well. I enlisted through the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) recruitment program. For those who are familiar with the program, you would know that it was a long journey for us as foreign nationals. It took a lot of patience and perseverance to be where I am today. Honestly, I think everyone did an excellent job at Basic Leader Course and that everyone deserves a recognition if possible. I am very thankful for my chain of command for recommending me for Service Member of the week."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “Can you explain to us what your job is and what your daily duties entail? How does your skill set and what you do effect training within your unit?"

Spc. Sinsuat: "I am currently a Sample Team member for CRT 2, 9th CBRNE Co (TE). Our job is to identify, sample, mitigate, package, and conduct technical escort of chemical, biological and radiological materials. My experience as a sample team member allows me to utilize my skillset in training Soldiers when it comes to CBRN hazards and threats to ensure that we are always prepared and ready."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “What are your professional goals and what steps are you taking to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself?”

Spc. Sinsuat:  "At this time, my short-term goal is to become an NCO. I aim to attain a leadership role by developing professional excellence through theoretical and practical advancement required of my rank or position. Also, having a medical background back in the Philippines, my long-term goal is to work towards getting a Master of Science degree in Nursing with a focus on anesthesiology."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “How would you define leadership and how are you implementing leadership characteristics in your current position?”

Spc. Sinsuat: "Leadership for me is the ability to internalize the values and traits of the US Army and be a model for others. Leaders inspire others by providing a sense of purpose, direction, and motivation to overcome any hurdles and accomplish the mission. I have always lived by the saying “To be a leader, one must also be a good follower.” I have always shared the knowledge I have learned from past and current leaders to new Soldiers. By doing so I can help create a diversity of ideas, form a culture of trust and also foster leadership in others so they can share the knowledge they’ve learned to others in the future."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “Our formations are in a constant state of transformation and transition. How can you effect a positive climate and maintained readiness to ensure mission success?”

Spc. Sinsuat: "Be a leader that can adapt to any situation and be a mentor for resiliency. The Army may have changed throughout the years, but one thing that has not is our capability of growing and thriving and overcoming adversity. I also believe that every Soldier must try to live by the 7 Army Values. By doing so, one remains aware and conscious of their role and purpose in the organization. With these values deeply rooted in a Soldier’s mindset, paired with continuous training and positive attitude, the US Army will always be ready and successful in all current or future endeavors and engagements."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “In closing, Spc. Sinsuat's supervisor, 1Lt. Hercules Nikolaou shared the following about the Soldier’s performance.”

1Lt. Nikolaou: "Spc. Sinsuat words hold true to his performance. He talks the talk and walks the walk. His professional demeanor fosters a welcoming and developmental environment within the formation. His intellect is a vital tool that he uses with precision when following, teaching, planning, and leading. He is a reliable and professional Soldier and will grow even more as an NCO when he steps into those shoes."