Final preparations for the annual meeting at the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation(WHINSEC)FORT BENNING, GA – Primary staff and WHINSEC's command group go through the particulars of the Institute's accomplishments during the last year as they prepare for the annual Board of Visitors meeting to be held here and virtually on December 3, 2020.WHINSEC’s Board of Visitors (BOV) is a federal advisory committee that provides external and independent oversight of the institute's operations. The BOV’s 14 members include four members of the U. S. Congress; representatives from the State Department and the Department of Defense; and six persons from academia, clergy and other nongovernmental organizations. Collectively, they provide oversight of the curriculum, instruction, physical equipment, fiscal affairs and academic instruction methods of the institute to ensure relevance and consistency with U. S. laws, regulations, policies, goals and doctrine. Following its annual meeting, the Board of Visitors is required to submit a written report to the Secretary of Defense on its activities, views and recommendations pertaining to the governance of the institute. The report is sent to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees and posted on the Federal Advisory Committee website: to the pandemic, the decision was made to minimize travel for the board members. The members will be at the meeting utilizing the Microsoft Teams video collaboration application.