WIESBADEN, Germany – Over the next few years, housing officials with Installation Management Command-Europe will work with the Army Corps of Engineers and host nation construction officials to make sweeping improvements to Families’ homes and housing areas.In addition to the planned construction of more than 1,300 dwelling units, renovations or improvements to more than 3,500 existing units were recently completed or planned to be done. IMCOM-Europe’s initiative to improve existing units by adding rolling blinds and balconies is well underway across Germany and should be completed in several years.“Our goal is to provide that quality of life for our Families and Soldiers,” said Emma Watson, chief of the housing division for IMCOM-Europe. “We make that our top priority, to provide the adequate housing that our Families deserve.”Army Family housing projects in Europe are planned or were recently funded totaling $1.2 billion through 2027, according to Jonathan Winkler, general engineer with the IMCOM-Europe housing division.“We have a plan to eliminate inadequate housing within the next six years,” Winkler said, explaining a plan that includes the important task of right-sizing housing units to meet Army standards.“We’ve right-sized most of our units across Europe,” he said, referring to dwellings that have the right room and square footage per Family size to meet current Army construction standards.The current master planning criteria requires projects to use land more efficiently, Winkler said, including additional and improved playgrounds, sports fields and neighborhood amenities to improve the quality of life in military housing areas.“It’s a whole-neighborhood concept,” Watson said.Throughout Europe, residents are encouraged to participate in the improvement process by attending town halls and participating in surveys, while garrison housing offices are inspecting all units between occupancy and committed to completing 100 percent of life, health and safety work orders.Related LinksInstallation Management Command-EuropeArmy.mil: Worldwide NewsArmy.mil: Europe NewsArmy.mil: Quality of LifeArmy.mil: Quality of Life - Housing