FORT KNOX, Ky. — Hundreds of Fort Knox Soldiers, civilians and families enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving lunch at Cantigny Dining Facility Nov. 25 despite a new round of COVID-19 restrictions coming to the post Monday.Fort Knox Logistics Readiness Center managers and Fort Knox leaders said it wasn’t that long ago when they contemplated scrapping the idea of serving the meal.“With COVID, it’s been a little hectic,” said Karen Johnson, Food Program manager, Logistics Readiness Center. “We worked really close with the Garrison commander to make sure everything was done correctly.”Johnson said they had to stretch normal food and supplies delivery quite a bit to ensure everything arrive at the facility on time.“We had to ensure that all of the vendors that supply our prime vendor were able to get all of the ingredients,” said Johnson. “Mostly what we were having problems with was the vegetables.”Erik Melendez, the Cantigny dining facility manager, said he met with Garrison Senior Enlisted Advisor Command Sgt. Maj. William Fogle and Dr. James Stephens, Fort Knox chief of Preventive Medicine, to determine the maximum amount of seating at the facility that will maintain safety.“Besides the normal issues with Thanksgiving meals,” said Melendez, “we discussed how we were going to continue to provide social distancing and sanitation of the tables when Soldiers eat while also still providing a quality meal.”Melendez said they felt uniquely qualified to make it work since they never shut their doors when the pandemic first surfaced.“I know several active-duty run dining facilities that shut down back then,” said Melendez. “We’ve continued non-stop, feeding from seven Soldiers all the way to a thousand.”Once given the green light to provide the meal, Johnson said the last hurdle was bringing all the people together who would serve the meals and ensuring patrons know not to sit too close to each other.“It’s been a challenge, but we’re here,” said Johnson. “We’re just want to make sure we have a great meal for the Soldiers, their Families and the community to come together and celebrate.”Major Gen. John Evans Jr., commanding general of U.S. Army Cadet Command and post senior commander, said all of their hard work paid off."I would like to thank all of those that were responsible or had a hand in preparing this great Thanksgiving meal,” said Evans. “I would also like to thank the Soldiers and their families who call Fort Knox their home for their service."