New T&EO task viewer on ATN

By Katrina Hawkins, Training Management DirectorateNovember 24, 2020

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The Army Training Network (ATN) provides Soldiers and leaders access to tools and information that enables training and training management. Formerly, the only means to access ATN was by using a Common Access Card (CAC). Recent updates now allow Soldiers and leaders to access ATN and tools such as the Digital Job Book and the Small Unit Leader Tool on personal handheld devices using their Army Knowledge Online username and password. By following a few simple steps, Soldiers and leaders can add an “app-like” shortcut to access ATN on their Apple or Android device.

The ability to access ATN through personal devices saves time and enables training management. Junior leaders can access, view, and update training and qualification information anywhere they have connectivity. This includes updating weapons qualification, results from the Army Combat Fitness Test, or completion of assigned individual tasks as they happen. Soldiers now have the ability to view their training status and understand where to focus their efforts.

In addition to the Digital Job Book and the Small Unit Leader Tool, the Centers of Excellence are working to make Training and Evaluation Outlines (T&EO) available on ATN through personal devices. Easy access to T&EOs facilitates the training management cycle whether it is planning and preparation, execution, or evaluation of a training event.

The new Platoon Level Task and T&EO View tool allows Army leaders to focus on platoon-level training by automatically displaying platoon tasks associated with the user’s unit of assignment. Its search feature also shows users platoon tasks and T&EOs by unit type. This helps Army leaders focus training and reduces time spent searching for tasks specifically written for the platoon echelon.

Whether you have an Android or an Apple device, it’s quick and easy to have Army Training Network (ATN) information in your hands. Access the detailed tutorial on our public page at:

If you have questions about resetting your AKO password for ATN access, please refer to the tutorial Universal Username and Password Guide at or contact our Help Desk: (913) 684-4000 or Toll Free: (877) 241-0347.