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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — I have written several articles on trust and leadership in our profession. Our mission requires us to be physically fit, but we must also build our mental and spiritual fitness.

The Army recently published a major update to Field Manual 7-22, changing the title from “Army Physical Readiness Training” to “Holistic Health and Fitness,” or H2F.

The new publication talks about individual Soldier readiness in five areas: physical, nutritional, sleep, mental and spiritual.

Taking care of ourselves with exercise, healthy food, and sleep builds good physical health.

Making time for spiritual and mental health builds resilience and prepares us to handle stress.

We must make every effort to prepare ourselves and our teams to combat life’s stressors. Listen to teammates and help them to adapt during hard times. Provide resources and training to foster resilience and mental health. Work to inspire hope and ground each other in our noble profession and values.

This article touches a small, but important, portion of H2F. I encourage all of you to explore FM 7-22, “Holistic Health and Fitness,” and apply it to your formations.