The following was written by Sgt. 1st Class Mark F. Ounan, an Active/ Guard infantry Soldier currently assigned to the 324th Military Police Btn., Chambersburg, Pa. Ounan is also the only current Soldier and Military Vehicle Preservation Association member taking place in the 2009 MVPA Convoy. Here's an exert from the journal he's keeping as he travels cross-country.Today was set aside to work on the vehicles.I did some routine maintenance in the morning when it was cool. I cleaned and adjusted the brakes, opened up the transmission and mixed up some new gear oil.Then I decided to try something new. I think the problem with the car, is that at high altitudes, it's not getting enough air and getting too much gas, and so the car is getting flooded. So I went to the hardware store and bought some hose. I made a scoop out of a freeze container, attached it to the hose, and ran it up through the engine compartment. Hopefully, as I go down the road, cooler air will be forced right to the carburetor. And maybe that will solve the problem. But we won't know for sure until we try to take those hills tomorrow.