SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, IL - The Army’s senior logistician, Gen. Edward Daly, made his first visit here to the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command headquarters as commanding general of Army Materiel Command to receive a quarterly update from SDDC commanding general Brig. Gen. Heidi Hoyle and members of her senior staff. The update was also the first for Hoyle, who assumed command of SDDC in June.Prior to the start of the briefing, Daly and his senior enlisted leader, Command Sgt. Maj. Alberto Delgado, took time to recognize four Surface Warriors for outstanding performance, presenting each with an AMC commander coin.The operational update began with an overview of SDDC’s revised campaign plan and strategic framework delivered by Col. Kim Nash, SDDC’s director of Plans and Strategy, which showed how the command’s updated mission and vision were nested within, and supported, both AMC and the U.S. Transportation Command.“Your work in support of USTRANSCOM is critical,” said Daly, referring to SDDC’s role as USTRANSCOM’s Army Service Component Command in addition to being one of AMC’s major subordinate commands. “I want to ensure that you’re unconstrained in your support of USTRANSCOM, but resourced to accomplish your requirements.”Hoyle’s next topic highlighted how SDDC is supporting Project Inclusion, the Army’s effort to improve diversity, equity and inclusion across the force, including senior leader listening sessions, an active respect and reconciliation working group, a complete review of the command’s hiring process, and the ongoing development of a formalized diversity and inclusion council.“Diversity and inclusion are tremendously important,” said Daly. “You have to create an environment where people are comfortable talking about the uncomfortable.”According to Command Sgt. Maj. Rocky Carr, Hoyle’s senior enlisted advisor, the R2 working group and senior leader listening sessions have had a very positive effect and have “really helped to connect us with our workforce.”Hoyle explained that the command’s R2 working group is a grass-roots program that provides a safe space for SDDC employees across the command to communicate their experiences, emotions, cultural backgrounds, values and thoughts about current events and the Army’s push toward a more inclusive workforce.“I’m really proud of the work our workforce has done in this area,” she said.SDDC’s deputy to the commanding general and senior civilian, Michael Hutchison, noted that the command’s new hiring policy is being drafted with support from across the command via a diverse collection of volunteer advocates who provided outstanding input.Daly agreed that hiring policies are a critical area regarding diversity and noted they can often be a great source of frustration for employees.“Every organization can stand to be more diverse. It’s the right thing to do, you get better results, and as part of the Army, we should be leading in this effort,” said Daly.Hoyle emphasized that SDDC’s development of a diversity and inclusion Council will provide a formalized capability to create meaningful and positive changes to the command’s diversity and inclusion. “We could be the most diverse organization ever, but if we’re not inclusive, we won’t succeed,” she said.Hoyle’s staff concluded the quarterly update by providing Daly with additional briefings covering container management, power projection platform assessments, and funding for SDDC’s military ocean terminals.“I really appreciate the great work that SDDC does,” said Daly. “Your center of gravity is focused on your people and your ability to support strategic movement is absolutely critical. SDDC is doing all the right things.”