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Despite a pandemic and travel restrictions, travel for certain Department of Defense employees and military families moving to and from military installations continues.

Many of these travel obligations require passports. Krystal Green, passport and visa specialist for the Security Assistance Command, processes passports and visa requests for USASAC and the Ministry of Interior-Military Assistance Group, a subordinate organization of USASAC.

Green has received a Deputy to the Commanding General USASAC coin and certificate for her outstanding performance maintaining the USASAC Washington Field Office Passport Facility while being short-handed during the pandemic. She also had to deal with the summer military moving cycle which is a peak period for the passport facility.

To add to the complications, the U.S. State Department reduced their capacity to process passports and the embassies also increased their processing times due to COVID restrictions.

“Throughout these difficulties, Krystal has always maintained a positive attitude and is the definition of what it means to be a team player,” Steve Nosbisch, country program manager and Green’s supervisor, said.

“She continues to excel in all of her duties while consistently increasing her knowledge and skills as the USASAC passport and visa specialist. The Washington Field Office looks to a bright future with team members like Krystal performing in an exceptional manner every day.”

Green has been with USASAC since early 2019, but began her government career as a summer hire employee in 2005 with the Army in Yongsan, Korea. Her parents were in the Army and stationed in Korea.

“I love everything about my job,” Green said. “I’m proud to be able to assist military members, civilians and their family members travel the world. I’ve been travelling the world with the Army since birth. I received my first passport when I was 3 years old to move to Belgium.”