FORT STEWART, Ga - The 3rd Infantry Division kicked off the "Worth Fighting For!" Independence Day Celebration with a Twilight Tattoo "Salute to the Nation" ceremony, July 2. The event included a 50-gun salute, performances by the 3rd ID Band, Soldiers in historic uniform and more.

Twilight Tattoo is a time-honored tradition that blends the precision and discipline of the 3rd ID with the dynamic musicianship of the 3rd ID Band.

The history of Twilight Tattoo began more than 300 years ago during the Thirty Years' War. A bugle and drum call was used to summon British troops from the warmth and hospitality of taverns in towns and villages of the low countries. The familiar tune told tavern owners "doe den tap toe" or "turn off the taps." The troops knew the call to mean "taps off" and time to return to their quarters.

The modern-day call is known as "Tattoo" and during basic training, the call signals the time to quiet down and hit the bunks. For the U.S. Army, the call serves as a tribute dedicated to the vitality of our nation and to the sacrifices of those who forged America into the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Event spectators enjoyed the music of the band while listening to the history of the 3rd ID.
"We all really enjoyed ourselves," said Cindy Shelly, a spectator at event. "I've never seen helicopters up close like that. I also really liked the reenactment of the Soldiers over the different eras. It showed the different milestones in 3rd ID history. It's like a reminder of what Independence Day is really about."

The pageantry was intended to give everyone a sense of pride and many of the spectators believed that it did that and more.

"It really helps remind you how important our freedom is," said Shelly.