Jeff Moran, country program manager at Security Assistance Command, has been named Employee of the Quarter for third quarter of fiscal 2020.

Moran has been at USASAC for less than a year but is already showing outstanding work performance.

He works as the country program manager in the INDOPACOM/SOUTHCOM/NORTHCOM directorate, and directly manages India, Bangladesh, Mongolia and Nepal. He is responsible for the development and program management for the transfer of defense articles and services to his assigned countries.

Duties as a country program manager include lifecycle management of foreign military sales programs and coordination of FMS activities with USASAC New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, and the life cycle management commands. They also coordinate with the various security assistance enterprise organizations throughout the Department of Defense, as well as senior ranking officials in assigned countries for the efficient movement of equipment and services. Country program managers obtain release for sensitive material and congressional notification, when applicable.

Jeff Moran
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“It is always difficult to start a new job and Jeff joined our team two days before mass telework was initiated,” Tracy Engler, division chief and Moran’s supervisor, said. “He didn’t have a chance to meet most of his teammates in person or learn how we do business in the usual ways. Jeff has been flexible in his new role and adapted to new challenges. Despite being out of the office, he’s integrated with the team and is always willing to help out his co-workers.

“Mr. Moran’s performance is so exceptional because of the conditions he entered into civilian service and his outstanding performance during that time.”

Moran quickly assumed control of his programs and began work immediately. He did not have the opportunity to meet many his co‐workers or was able to ask questions of those around him. His ability to learn and solve problems on his own exceeds that of any other employee.

During April through June, he managed four country programs valued at over $2.4 billion. Moran set the standard for Letter of Authorization development and consistently exceeds the 85% LOA timeliness metric. He is a top performer within his division and called upon to handle the most difficult tasks.

Upon converting from a CENTCOM contractor to a civilian, he immediately assumed the role of the India country program manager after the program was vacant for several months. Moran demonstrated his superior skills as a country program manager and quickly got up to speed on critical AH64 Apache, NASAMS, M777 and Excalibur programs for India.

“Jeff was assigned to a difficult program, but really had a chance to show off his skills starting in July when the program received SECDEF level visibility,” Engler said. “Since then, most if his workload requires additional reporting, oversight and short processing timelines. Jeff has met all these challenges with a great attitude and focus on accomplishing the mission.”

He also assumed the management of numerous complicated Global Peacekeeping Operations Initiative cases for Mongolia. He manages an extensive portfolio of GPOI cases. Since assuming management of these cases, Moran has resolved complicated funding issues to enable the purchase of additional materiel.

GPOI cases are funded with U.S. dollars and maximizing the use of funds has a direct benefit to the U.S. taxpayer. The benefit has been witnessed by his division chief with a series of Special Operations Forces cases for India.

“His ability to organize the development of these cases has reduced redundant actions among three LCMCs and sped up development timelines,” Engler said. “As workload increases for India, Mr. Moran’s ability to efficiently manage the program results in a greater number of cases being processed in less time across the enterprise.”

His ability to recognize problems and solve them ensure cases are processed quickly and do not have a negative impact on USASAC metrics. Moran has also created tracking mechanisms and streamlined processes for managing requests for information and case actions.

“Mr. Moran sees challenges as opportunities and routinely goes beyond to solve problems and serve the customer,” Engler said. “He is an outstanding performer amongst the other CPMs and takes initiative on many tasks to benefit the command and FMS customer.”