REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama – Four years after graduating high school, Jonathan Glaze decided that he wanted to become a part of the United States Marine Corps.Glaze, who now serves as an information technology specialist with the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command, enlisted in the Marine Reserves in 1998 as a field artillery cannoneer.“I have always been interested in joining the military ever since I was a kid,” said Glaze. “I had a friend of mine when I was a senior in high school who joined the Marines and told me about his experience.”Serving as a reservist did not afford Glaze the opportunity to relocate to many places as he served the majority of his enlistment in Huntsville. However, he did get the opportunity to deploy. According to Glaze, that deployment was a significant moment in his life.“I went to Iraq 2004 until 2005,” said Glaze. “It was the biggest highlight of my career.”Glaze served his country as a Marine for 11 years. He decided to separate from the Marine Corps Sept. 11, 2009, after serving in the military; a year later, he began working at AMCOM.With his military career in tow, Glaze took that experience and began to apply it into his everyday life and now is appreciative of the fundamental foundation serving in the military has provided in his life. He took a moment to reflect on those experiences and explain how they benefit his current career.“Discipline is a big thing you get from the military – and attention to detail,” said Glaze. “Also, prioritizing things and being able to focus on the task at hand. Serving in the Marines helped me understand how your tasks feed into the bigger picture.”Working as a civilian employee for the Army can be quite different from serving as a Marine; however, Glaze said he is appreciative of the opportunity to support the uniformed service members who serve their country daily.“It feels great,” said Glaze. “Knowing the part we do and the impact it has on the people serving on the front line and facing challenges. If we do our part to provide them the support they need, it will help them perform their mission.”