20th CBRNE Defender of the Week

By Traun MooreNovember 5, 2020

20th CBRNE Defender of the Week

Defender of the Week serves to recognize 20th CBRNE Command Soldiers who personify Army Ethics, values and esprit de corps of this organization. This acknowledgment for excellence is earned by members of the unit whose actions have a positive and enduring impact on the 20th CBRNE Command and/or have demonstrated an ability to extend their influence beyond their immediate chain of command through competence, sound work ethics and dynamic problem solving. Defender of the Week encompasses the achievements and values of high performing individuals and strives to highlight top performances across the command.

Our Defender of the Week is Spc. Andrew Billings from 704TH OD CO (EOD). Spc. Billings a former Air Force EOD Tech, and newest addition to 704TH has brought a wealth of knowledge, experience, and displayed unlimited potential and drive. During his first week in the unit, he volunteered for and completed four response calls in one day. SPC Billings emboldens the warrior spirit that characterizes the Soldiers and culture of the 704TH OD CO (EOD) and the 79TH OD BN (EOD).

20TH CBRNE PAO: “You have been identified as a key soldier from the 704TH OD CO (EOD). Will you share with us what this recognition means to you?”

Spc. Billings: "Being recognized by my peers, my brothers, means the world to me. I am honored to be a small part of an amazing community. EOD is defined by winning, excellence and above all, commitment to the mission and the person to your right and left. Being recognized as someone who has contributed to that process, legitimately means the world to me."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “Can you explain to us what your job is and what your daily duties entail? How does your skill set and what you do effect training within your unit?”

Spc. Billings: "I am an EOD team member. I work to make sure that my team leader has the right equipment, and support to accomplish our EOD task(s). That can be something simple, like prepping charges to dispose of an explosive hazard or covering down on response, or something more complex, like assisting coordination of logistics or equipment. My daily duties change every day, sometimes it is helping out with moving equipment or running response calls with my team leader!"

20TH CBRNE PAO: “What are your professional goals and what steps are you taking to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself?”

Spc. Billings: "My professional goals are primarily focused on being a professional and competent EOD tech. I would love to attend Air Assault School, Advanced IEDs, and urban breaching. Ultimately, I am working to assess for USASOC as an EOD asset. I love physical training, and try to be in the best mental and physical shape I can be. I get in the gym as much as our schedule allows, while also taking time to work on my graduate studies and most importantly spend time with my awesome wife."

20TH CBRNE PAO: “How would you define leadership and how are you implementing leadership characteristics in your current position?”

Spc. Billings: "Leadership is complex and difficult to define. I would say leadership, in my opinion, boils down to ownership and flexibility. It is the ability to look at a problem and say 'What can I do?'"

20TH CBRNE PAO: “Our formations are in a constant state of transformation and transition. How can you effect a positive climate and maintained readiness to ensure mission success?”

Spc. Billings: "Our job is always changing. To ensure a positive climate and constant readiness for whatever will be, I stay positive. I get to work with my heros every single day. There is not a person in our company that hasn't done something absurdly amazing for our nation. I try to capture that and put it back into the cycle. I stand on the shoulders of giants."

We would also like to recognize

Spc. Andrew Billings, 704TH OD CO (EOD)
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Spc. Victoria Paisley, 741ST OD CO (EOD)
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Spc. Victoria Paisley from 741ST OD CO (EOD). Spc. Paisley has worked diligently to develop her skills as an EOD Team Member while also preparing herself for the responsibilities of becoming an NCO. Since returning from deployment she has developed a four-week training plan for newly arrived Soldiers which has since been incorporated into the unit SOP, and volunteered as the maintenance liaison for her Platoon. She also excels in performing EOD Team Member tasks and demonstrates clear potential for the next level. SPC Paisley embodies the leadership, character, and spirit for all Soldiers in the Company to follow.