Chaplain Corps call to prayer during November and December

By Paul StampsOctober 28, 2020

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Chaplain Corps Teammates:

This has been a year of challenges for our Nation, and for all the Soldiers, Family members, and Army Civilians with whom we serve. The COVID-19 pandemic, our Nation’s racial unrest, divisive trends, wildfires, and other natural disasters have all combined with the typical but never ordinary challenges we face in military service. These conditions make messages of hope and solidarity more powerful and more necessary now than ever before during my lifetime.

Because of our shared need for hope and solidarity, as an Army Family and as a Nation, I am asking you to join me in prayer for the United States of America during the months of November and December. As you do that, I ask that you challenge your Army teammates and your friends and extended Family members, as well as other who share your faith traditions, inside and outside the Army, to unite in prayer with us for our Nation.

As we pray during these next two months, I also ask you to reenergize your commitment to our #ReachOne campaign. During these next months it will be especially important for us to look within our circles of influence and even inside our own squads, to reach out to others who seem to need an encouraging word or assistance finding resources for more help.

We will kick off this season of focused prayer on 1 November, at 1100 EST. Join together in person, in accordance with all appropriate health and safety protocols, and online on Facebook @ArmyChaplainCorps, to #PrayForAmerica. We’ll combine this prayer challenge with an #ArtOfPrayer social media campaign, to highlight photographs that portray members of the Army Family in prayer, along with artistic renditions of the heart and intent of prayer. Prayer can be offered anywhere, by anyone, at any time. Prayer is often offered in silence, but it can also be seen and heard and felt. Prayer is private, but it can be done in community; and this campaign will allow us to share our commitment to prayer as a pluralistic community of Americans.

I continue to thank God every day for the vital ways you build Army spiritual readiness, as you “Care for the Soul of the Army.” I am honored to serve with you, and I will be praying for all of you and for your Families every day during this prayer challenge. I count on your prayers for my Family and me.

For God and Country - Live the Call!

Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Thomas L. Solhjem

Chief of Chaplains letter to the Army Chaplain Corps.pdf [PDF - 88.9 KB]