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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — As leaders here continually assess COVID-19 protection and mitigation measures, Brig. Gen. James Bonner, Maneuver Support Center of Excellence and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general, issued General Order No. 4 Monday with important changes for service members, their families and civilians in the community.

With the new general order now in effect, General Order No. 3 — dated Aug. 24 — is rescinded.

Under the new guidance, which applies to all military personnel on or off post as well as government civilian personnel while performing duties on post:

— the local travel area restriction no longer exists. However, all service members travelling outside a 250-mile radius of the installation are required to submit a mileage pass to their company commander.

— off-post barbers, nail salons, beauty salons, spas, gyms and tanning salons are now approved for use by service members; tattoo parlors remain off-limits.

— social gatherings are no longer restricted, although service members must continue to socially distance.

Service members in Basic Combat Training, Advanced Individual Training or One Station Unit Training may not depart the installation.

Basic Officer Leadership Course students are restricted to the installation or, if residing off post, to travelling only between their place of residence and the installation until completion of their MSCoE senior leader briefing which outlines General Order No. 4 expectations. Afterwards, BOLC students may travel up to 150 miles from the installation.

All other service members attending training here must observe a two-week restriction of movement phase upon arrival — movement is confined to quarters, place of duty, fuel and hygiene purchases, solitary outdoor recreation and exercise and medical care as needed. Food purchases through curbside pickup and drive through services at restaurants are authorized. Anyone in a ROM status is prohibited from attending social gatherings.

Following Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, a face covering or face shield is required at all times on Fort Leonard Wood, except under the following conditions:

— children under 6 years old.

— any person with a medical condition or disability documented by a physician that prevents them from wearing a face covering or face shield. Civilian employees are required to obtain a documented reasonable accommodation.

— any person who is in a personal office or similar private space while no others are present.

— any person giving a speech, briefing or class who can maintain social distancing while speaking.

— any person exercising in an on-post physical fitness center who can maintain social distancing.

— when outdoors, as long as social distancing can be maintained.

— when a commander determines its use creates a hazard or safety concern.

— when in private homes, barracks rooms or hotel rooms.

— when passing through any MSCoE or Fort Leonard Wood access control point.

In addition, Bonner reminded the community to continue regular hand washing and social distancing. Anyone with health concerns should seek medical advice and/or care and stay home if not feeling well — seek medical advice and develop a plan with a supervisor to work from home.

“The disciplined and consistent execution of the above tasks by all individuals assists in keeping infection rates of COVID-19 low as we continue to increase travel opportunities and open up more activities, facilities and training,” Bonner wrote in the order. “Thank you in advance for your dedication and effort to protect the total force of Fort Leonard Wood.”