The second iteration of the Virtual Mode course comes to a successful end.
Congratulations, Job Well Done!
Dr. Edwin Roldan, director of the Civil-Military Studies Division, School of Professional Military Education, congratulates the graduates on their accomplishment. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army Photo by Milton F. Mariani Rodríguez) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT BENNING, GA - Twenty-five representatives of the Colombian Armed and Police Forces successfully completed all the academic requirements for the Interagency Crisis Action Planning Course(IACAP), on Thursday. The course focused on the fundamentals of Civil Affairs (CA) and Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Response (HA/DR).

"The IACAP is usually a six-week course, but we shortened it down to four weeks for virtual learning," commented U.S. Army Maj. Assad A. Raza, course director. "We had to eliminate the Field Studies Program in person events, and the disaster response exercise we normally conduct with Emergency Response personnel from the City of Columbus, GA," he added.

With completion of the IACAP course, WHINSEC has 107 graduates from its virtual learning courses.