ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The depot’s Group Award Program payout for fiscal year 2020 is $1875, with payouts antici­pated Nov. 19.The metrics concluded with a payout of $1,687.50, which was adjusted as noted in the numbers below. These adjustments increased the payout from $1,687.50 to $1,875. Adjustments are factored in at the conclusion of the fiscal year for events and business processes outside ANAD employee control.The adjustments were verified and approved by Col. Marvin Walker, ANAD’s commander.This payout is for the period from Oct. 1, 2019, through Sept. 30, 2020.Performance to Promise:Final FY2020 percentage – 98Adjusted FY2020 percentage – 99Final FY2020 payout – $500final amount is 100 percent of maximumContinuous Process Improvement:Final FY2020 savings – $41.4M (120% of goal)Final FY2020 payout – $500final amount is 100 percent of maximumProductive Yield:Direct Productive Yield:Final FY2020 hours – 1,584Adjusted FY2020 hours – 1,608Final FY2020 payout – $250final amount is 100 percent of maximumIndirect Productive Yield:Final FY2020 hours – 1,672Adjusted FY2020 hours – 1,703Final FY2020 payout – $250final amount is 100 percent of maximumNet Operating Result:Final FY2020 NOR – $31.0M lossAdjusted FY2020 NOR – $26.5M lossFinal FY2020 payout – $375final amount is 75 percent of maximumFINAL FY2020 TOTAL: $1,875In order to determine whether or not you are eligible to receive a payout, the following criteria for the GAP policy must be met:• At least a fully successful (minimum of level 3) performance rating.• No disciplinary actions in the rating period. Employees with pending disciplinary/adverse actions will have funds retained for a future payout, depending on the outcome of the proposed action through the appeal process. Written reprimands will not affect eligibility for the GAP payout.• Employed (on the rolls) by ANAD on Sept. 30, 2020.Employees working a portion of the period for ANAD who transferred to a local Department of Army tenant during the remainder of the period and are on the rolls Sept. 30 will receive a pro-rated share based on hours worked while employed by ANAD.Eligible employees in a work status for one-half (1,040 hours) of the award period receive the full amount.Eligible employees in a work status one-fourth or more, but less than one-half of the award period (520 to 1,039 hours), receive one-half of the amount.Eligible employees in a work status less than one-fourth of the award period (160 to 519 hours) receive one-fourth of the amount.Eligible employees in a work status less than 160 hours during the award period will not receive a payout.• Pathways Program personnel are not counted as being in a work status for GAP purposes, since they are in a training status.To compute hours in a work status, the following hours are included: annual leave, military leave, administrative leave of six hours or less, travel comp taken, comp time taken, holiday leave, jury duty, home leave for deployments, law enforcement leave, restored annual leave hours, continuation of pay, excused absence leave, time off awards, holiday worked hours, and leave without pay due to military active duty.Hours excluded from work status are: sick leave, all other leave without pay, donated leave, and administrative leave in excess of six hours.