ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The depot’s Cable Shop has become known for more than simply taking old wires and returning them to functioning condition. With the proper schematics and information, they can construct new cables for the various combat vehicles overhauled and repaired on the installation.“If we can get the drawings and the parts, we can build it,” said Walt Branning, one of the Cable Shops leaders. “We fabricate for pretty much every type of vehicle repaired at ANAD.”The fabrication begins with technical drawings, which detail the types and quantities of wires and other components needed to fashion the new cable or wiring harness.The shop’s fabrication specialists draw out a pattern on their work table for the new cable. For less complex harnesses, they may use tape, allowing for a quick reset time and giving them the flexibility to rapidly change fabrication production needs.In the case of frequently used or large cables, more permanent paint and layout panels are used.“Our job is to take something on paper and turn it into something that can be used in the vehicle,” said Branning.Certain types of wiring are uncomplicated and quick to both lay out and build, often saving the installation time and money.Others have involved the ingenuity and material expertise of the fabrication employees.An example of this is wiring which needed to hold a coiled shape. Placing it in an oven could take as long as four hours. Through testing, employees, using a round insulated form and a heat gun, found they could do the job in 10 minutes.“We’ve actively worked to strengthen our capabilities, turning the Cable Shop into more of a fabrication shop than just a repair shop,” said Branning. “Fabrication is good work for our shop and good work for the depot.”