What if you could change your world in 60 seconds?Well, you can during Pray60, which begins Oct. 19 and ends on Dec. 16.Pray60 is a call to people of faith — any faith or denomination — to spend 60 seconds a day in prayer for the next 60 days. Some people certainly may pray more than 60 seconds but for everyone, Pray60 is an opportunity to be part of a community-wide time of prayer for each other.Because it is an individual commitment, you can participate at a time and location that fits your needs.When you sign up, you will receive three things to help you during Pray60: 1) A Fort Knox Community Calendar with each day focusing on a particular program or group within the Fort Knox community; 2) a prayer reminder, such as Pray60 band or Pray60 business card; and 3) encouraging devotional prayer thoughts sent to your email inbox.So join now. Team up with someone and pray with them. It'll only take 60 seconds.To join the Fort Knox military community in Pray60, sign up at the following link HERE, and follow the hashtag #FortKnoxPray60 on our social media sites.