COL Burnley kicks off the PCO with opening remarks welcoming the new leaders to JMC.
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Using Microsoft Teams for the virtual PCO, JMC leaders attend from their current workstations.
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Using Microsoft Teams for the virtual PCO, JMC leaders attend from their current workstations. (Photo Credit: Lori McFate, JMC) VIEW ORIGINAL

"The Pre-Command Orientation provides new Commanders entering the Joint Munitions Command with vital information necessary to lead their installations and provides them with the opportunity to interact and build relationships with key headquarters leaders that will be essential to their success in command," said Col. Todd Burnley, JMC chief of staff and former Tooele Army Depot commander.

JMC staff hosted the first ever virtual PCO for six newly assigned senior leaders. There were four engaging sessions held in September 2020, with the sole intent-- to prepare senior leaders for their upcoming missions within the ammo enterprise.

Burnley provided opening remarks while welcoming the incoming senior leaders to the organization. He started with, “we are here to support you” giving the new leaders confidence and sharing his open door policy to assist the new commanders. “Like everyone else, we need some guidance and that is what we are here for.”

The first day of the PCO included Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Equal Employment Opportunity presentations. The second day included Public and Congressional Affairs and Resource Management. The third day included familiarization of the Munitions Logistics Readiness Center and Army Contracting. The last day included a Legal brief provided by Army Materiel Command’s Legal Center Senior Executive Service, Kathy Krewer. Throughout the sessions, Burnley encouraged the attendees to “ask questions and make important network contacts.”

“Talking with Commanders as they begin their tour at JMC installations allows us to prepare them for the challenges they may face at each site,” said Justine Barati, chief of Public and Congressional Affairs for JMC.

“What I gleaned most from attending JMC’s virtually conducted Pre-Command Orientation was point of contact information, as well as the ability to meet the staff that my team and I will work with over the next couple of years. Relationships matter, especially when it comes to appreciating differing perspectives and trusting others to advocate your positions to higher level staff and leadership,” said Col. Stephen Dorris, commander of Blue Grass Army Depot.

Incoming senior staff have been assigned to the following installations: Lt. Col. Thomas Smith, Anniston Munition Center; Col. Stephen Dorris, Blue Grass Army Depot; Lt. Col. Scott Carpenter, Holston Army Ammunition Plant; Lt. Col. Shawn Young, Lake City Army Ammunition Plant; Col. Patrick Daulton, Pine Bluff Arsenal; Col. Steven Dowgielewicz, TEAD.

"I look forward to serving with the best munitions professionals in DoD, providing lethal munitions to the Joint Warfighter. Working side-by-side with AMC, JMC staff and the experienced personnel here at Pine Bluff Arsenal gives us the opportunity to engage in all areas of munitions to include production, distribution, storage, and demilitarization," said Col. Patrick Daulton, commander of Pine Bluff Arsenal

The JMC organic enterprise includes installations, which produce, store or demilitarize small-, medium-, and large-caliber conventional ammunition items for DoD. The PCO ensures our leaders are readily available and prepared to support the JMC mission.