FORT SILL, Oklahoma (Oct. 1, 2020) -- When Staff Sgt. Frank Sanchez recently went to the Subway restaurant in the North Shoppette Express he decided to make his lunch a combination meal on a whim. That decision would be lifechanging.Sanchez won a $10,000 Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) gift card in Subway restaurant's “Sip. Rip. Ultimate Trip.” peel-and-win game."I am ecstatic about winning," said Sanchez, noncommissioned officer in charge of Medical Training Lanes with the 434th Field Artillery Brigade. "My family gave me a lot of support and is happy for me."Sanchez was presented his gift card Sept. 24, at the Main Exchange food court at 9 a.m. The PX was then opened for him only, so he could begin shopping.He explained how he got a winning gamepiece.Sanchez said he went to Subway for a change of pace. He hadn’t planned on buying a combo meal because he had a soda back at work, but the thought of chips swayed him. A combo meal comes with a sandwich, chips, and a drink; the Subway cup had the winning game piece attached.“I peeled the cup and I saw the gamepiece and I said, ‘There’s no way. This can’t be real,’” Sanchez said.He assumed it was one of those games where he now could enter to get a chance for a drawing for a 10-grand gift card, so he put the game piece in his wallet to check on later, and went back to work.After work, he looked on the game’s website and verified that he was a winner."I've never won anything like this in my life, so it was pretty surreal," he said.Don Walter Jr.,  AAFES general manager for Fort Sill, and Altus and Sheppard Air Force bases; along with Cynthia Curtis, Subway manager; and Lori Allen, PX food court manager, presented him the gift card in front of dozens of nonappropriated funds (NAF) employees.Sanchez told them his gamepiece story, and said he was a NAF worker before he enlisted in the Army.Susanne Peoples, PX assistant store manager, and a couple of other employees, escorted Sanchez on his shopping spree, and they kept a running tally of his purchases.One of the first things he acquired was a large-screen television for his family. And, there were video gaming items for his children, high-end kitchen items, and some jewelry. He also used the card to purchase his new Army Green Service Uniform."I was in the PX for a little over an hour, until I needed to get back to work," he said. He added that he had just under $5,000 left on the card.Sanchez thanked AAFES and Subway."I thank them for all the support they show to service members DOD-wide."