ANAD DSP to oversee quality assurance, CPI, business operations
Steven Blumenberg performs a time study in the Powertrain Flexible Maintenance Facility. Continuous Process Improvement, which was previously part of the Directorate of Production Engineering, became part of the depot’s newest organization, the Directorate of Strategic Planning. (Photo Credit: Jennifer Bacchus, ANAD Public Affairs Office) VIEW ORIGINAL

ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The depot has a new directorate, the Directorate of Strategic Planning, which is designed to fill a need, based on on-going efforts at headquarters, to optimize and modernize the organic industrial base.

A Campaign Plan developed by Army Materiel Command includes Lines of Effort to be implemented at the depot level. As part of this effort, AMC hired consulting firms to perform a baseline assessment of each organic site and provide recommendations for improvement.

Over the past several months, Anniston Army Depot and other depots and arsenals have participated in these assessments, the results of which are guiding strategic planning efforts at each of the OIB sites.

ANAD Commander Col. Marvin Walker responded to this guidance by creating the DSP, a combination of two existing offices, which will become divisions within the new directorate, and the newly created Business and Support Operations Division.

The BSOD will focus on analysis of internal and external assessments of our business processes and translate those into strategic initiatives.

In addition to BSOD, the new directorate will include the Quality Assurance Division and the Continuous Process Improvement Division, formerly known as the Enterprise Excellence Division within the Directorate of Production Engineering.

The reorganization was effective September 27, with Tommy Morgan serving as the director of DSP.

Each division will be headed by a GS-13 division chief.

The DSP director will serve as the senior strategic planning officer and advisor to the ANAD commander, providing advice on U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command and Army Materiel Command strategic planning guidance, policies and regulations, staffing and workload balancing.

The AMC campaign currently has seven over-arching lines of effort. They are:

LOE 1: Soldier, Civilian and Family Readiness

LOE 2: Installation Readiness

LOE 3: Industrial Base Readiness

LOE 4: Munitions Readiness

LOE 5: Strategic Power Projection

LOE 6: Supply Availability and Equipment Readiness

LOE 7: Data Analytics and Logistics Information Readiness

Each LOE will produce guidance, policies and regulations to be incorporated into the ANAD System for Management.

DSP will be the proponent for the depot’s Strategic Plan, Quality Plan and process improvement initiatives as well as serving as the Lean and Six Sigma champion for ANAD.

Current position descriptions will remain in place, for now, but new positions will be created to facilitate the improvement of depot processes.

The goal of DSP is to improve depot overall performance through systematic analysis and planning.

One of the key findings of the Wilson Perumal external audit was that first line supervisors are away from the shop floor during much of the shift, performing duties which need to be reassessed and, possibly, realigned.

There will be a new focus on business processes, utilizing the Lean approach designed to fill identified gaps.

The end result will be a more competitive organization, which continuously adds to the military value of ANAD.