Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA)

By PEO AviationSeptember 24, 2020

The Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) is the Army’s number three modernization priority overall and Army Aviation’s number one modernization priority. FARA is an Army led initiative to design, develop, and deliver the preeminent attack reconnaissance aircraft for Army Combat Aviation Brigades and the Joint Force enabling U.S. dominance on the Multi-Domain battlefield. FARA is the next generation aircraft capable of achieving and sustaining overmatch against potential competitors and enduring asymmetric threats by closing or mitigating gaps in Army Aviation attack reconnaissance.

The FARA weapon system is designed to restore attack reconnaissance dominance with sweeping improvements in lethality, agility, reach, survivability, and sustainability to provide capability and flexibility to future commanders. FARA will mitigate enemy long-range capabilities through increased reach allowing the commander to fight and operate from relative sanctuary while delivering lethal effects outside enemy sensor/weapons range. FARA must operate in complex and dense urban, mountainous, desert, jungle and maritime environments.