ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The depot’s Small Arms Repair Facility is currently working on a technical inspection program for MK-19 grenade launchers.During the span of the program, 1,000 grenade launchers will be visually and functionally inspected then appropriately coded for future use, repair, overhaul or demilitarization.“We gauge the weapons and the barrels to ensure they meet specifications, then ensure the weapon is functional,” said Terry Thomas, one of the small arms repairers assigned to the program.If a weapon doesn’t meet the specifications in the visual and functional inspections, it is rated Code D or Code H.Code H weapons are ones which can’t be repaired at the depot.“Most of the Code D assets have parts which need to be replaced,” said Thomas.Weapons which are functional and meet specifications are labeled as Code B and are able to be sent back to the field for use by Soldiers.Following the inspection process, all the weapons will return to DLA Distribution, which is responsible for distributing the weapons which will be used or demilitarized and storing the rest.According to John Clark, one of the small arms supervisors, there is a plan to eventually return the Code D assets to fully functioning condition.“When they come back to the shop, they will be overhauled,” said Clark. “Right now, we are only performing a technical inspection.”The MK-19 has been used since 1968. It is designed to fire 40mm grenades.