FORT HAMILTON, N.Y., 15 Sep 2020 --As Fort Hamilton moves through the COVID -19 pandemic, the U.S. Army and Balfour Beatty Communities remain committed to continuous improvements in on-post housing, ensuring community members get the quality, safe, and clean house they deserve.Remaining housing repairs are on the way towards completion. The stairwell repair in the Doubleday Village garden apartments is near completion and the renovations on Building 201 Colonels Row, including roof, façade repair, and lead-based paint abatement are ongoing and ahead of schedule.Army leaders are directly involved in, and are committed to, further improving housing conditions.It’s the Army and Fort Hamilton’s goal for our family housing to be the service members and their families’ first choice when deciding upon where to live once assigned to the area,” said Col. Craig Martin, Fort Hamilton Garrison Commander. “Our mission begins and ends with people.”The between-resident improvements are just one of many steps the Army is taking to improve the state of on-post housing, rebuild trust with residents , and ensure privatized housing providers meet quality and timeliness standards.“BBC continues to work diligently on the quality of life for the service members and their families. As current home renovation work totaling $8.5M winds down to completion, follow-on work totaling over $15 million is postured and ready to commence,” said A.R. Mercante, Ft. Hamilton’s Government Housing Office representative.Mercante continues, “We have strengthened oversight of Between Occupancy Maintenance Inspections as well as Quality Assurance Inspections of scheduled maintenance work. Fort Hamilton has four quality assurance personnel to ensure high standards of maintenance work in homes.”Mercante is currently surveying all family housing residents to solicit their opinion and feedback on the amenities and services provided by private housing .“In order to be truly successful, and provide the service members and their families the quality housing experience they truly deserve, we require a team effort with each level of responsibility in the housing chain being held to strict accountability standards,” said Mercante. “The Tenant Bill of Rights is part of the strict accountability standards.”Fort Hamilton Housing conducts virtual weekly updates to go over the Tenant Bill of Rights, engage with the community, and rebuild trust with residents.Garrison leadership will host the next Virtual Community Update on the garrison’s Facebook page, Sept. 23. Additionally on the garrison Facebook page, there is a weekly Open Thread forum for the community to engage and have a direct line of communication between the residents and garrison leadership.