By PV2 Gerald Holman, 82nd ADSB Public Affairs OfficeFORT BRAGG, N.C. – The 82nd Special Troops Battalion host their very first Lifeliner Awareness Day, September 11, at the Family Readiness Center on Fort Bragg.The Purpose of Lifeliner Awareness Day is to reintroduce Army Programs to Paratroopers which are vital to unit readiness. Army Programs such as Sexual Assault/Harassment and Prevention, Master Resiliency Trainer, and Equal Opportunity, provides leaders and Soldiers with a framework of resources to combat and address serious situations across formations.“It’s the bonds between people that make a unit strong, and these are some of the ways we take care of each other. Building trust between leaders and Soldiers is the key to unit morale and a healthy work environment,” says Lt. Col. Lee Doggett, Commander, 82nd Special Troops Battalion.Paratroopers received briefings from subject matter experts on topics ranging from mental health, suicide awareness, family readiness and equality. Soldiers were also shown a spoken word video performed by SHARP Instructor Mr. Shaheed Shakir.“We wanted this training to be memorable and powerful! Life happens to all of us and we want to ensure the Soldiers understand that we are here for them and provide them with the tools they need to make it through any tough situation”, said Staff Sgt. Amanda Kornoejie, SHARP Victim Advocate, 82nd Special Troops Battalion.September is the month of suicide awareness and a time when leaders at all levels take deliberate steps to “bring the team together” even virtually.“Suicide awareness month is very important, however, it's something we should be doing all the time” said Col. Herman Johnson, Commander, 82nd ADSB.“We should always be looking to our left and right; ask, care and escort. It's not just a September problem, it’s a problem throughout our everyday life.” said Johnson.