DEVENS, Mass.- In honor of 9/11, members from Clear Path for Veterans New England, a non-profit organization, chose to thank their local area first responders by visiting and donating boxes of clothes, snacks, and back-to-school supplies for them and their families Sept. 11, 2020.These items came from various donors that wanted to show their respect for first responders on the anniversary of 9/11.The visits also provided an opportunity to introduce themselves and the services the organization provides to the Devens, Ayer, and Shirley first responder communities.“We are very appreciative when people take notice of us in a positive light,” said Shirley Police Lt. Alfreda Cromwell. “It doesn’t happen often enough. We have a wonderful department, people that care for our community, and we care very much about our veterans.”“I thought it was fantastic!” said Ayer Police Sgt. Eric Pearson. “It’s not every day that we have people giving us positive messages, so when we have somebody come down that recognizes us and support what we do, just like we support the community. It’s fantastic and it made me feel goodClear Path for Veterans New England has been conducting donation events since 2017. This was the organization’s first 9/11 community event.“I feel good about today. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to show a little support for our community members and those that are doing so much for the rest of us without being asked. It’s humbling,” said Mullen. “We are here to support each other and the community.”Clear Path for Veterans New England is a non-profit based on the whole health model of wellness that offers family force, volunteer, and K-9 program at no cost to veterans. For more information about Clear Path for Veterans New England and the programs they provide for veterans and first responders, visit