In January 2020, the Army held its first-ever Battalion Commander Assessment Program to select the next cohort of officers to lead America's sons and daughters. Officers from across the Army participated in the Army's first ever Battalion Commander Assessment Program. This is an in-depth behind-the-scenes documentary about the driving principles behind BCAP, and how it is used to determine whether an officer is ready for command.

In January, the Army held the first-ever Battalion Commander Assessment Program (BCAP), representing a fundamental shift in how officers are selected for battalion command, one of the Army’s most consequential leadership positions.

The BCAP significantly changed the way the Army selects officers for command and key billets. The Army used this program to select the 436 officers who will serve as battalion commanders and in key lieutenant colonel staff billets. BCAP represents a historic shift in how the Army selects officers for battalion command.

  • It is the largest leader assessment and selection program in the history of the Army.
  • It is the largest gathering of operational-psychologist support to a leader assessment and selection program.
  • It encompasses the largest amount of data gathered about a group of officers.

The officers identified through the BCAP represent officers who demonstrate high cognitive ability and are more physically fit, better communicators and exhibit productive leadership traits. This year, in addition to continuing the BCAP, the Army is holding the first Colonels Command Assessment Program (CCAP), to select the very best from among our top lieutenant colonels and colonels – those who demonstrate readiness for command and possess strategic potential – to be the Army’s future brigade commanders and fill key general staff positions.

Participants of the first Battalion Commander Assessment Program (BCAP) share their thoughts and experiences. The BCAP is the U.S. Army's program to assess an officers' fitness for battalion command and key billets.

In March, the Department of the Army released the names of the officers selected for battalion command and key billets for FY21. This comes after the officers were selected by the legacy Centralized Selection Process, then found ready for command during the inaugural Battalion Commander Assessment Program (BCAP). Battalion commanders are among the most consequential leaders in the Army because they train and develop our young NCOs and officers and have greater impact on whether they decide to continue serving than any other leader. We owe it to our Soldiers to ensure they are led and cared for by the best leaders in the Army.

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