Fort Leonard Wood drill sergeants being fitted for new service uniform this month
Staff Sgt. Shomone Hemphill, a drill sergeant assigned to Company D, 31st Engineer Battalion, is fitted for his new Army Green Service Uniform Tuesday at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service clothing sales by AAFES inventory control associates Anissa Bibbs-Ward (right) and Kristina Storey. More than 280 Fort Leonard Wood drill sergeants are scheduled to get fittings for the new uniform this month. (Photo Credit: Photo by Brian Hill) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. — As part of an ongoing rollout of the new Army Green Service Uniform, staff from the Army and Air Force Exchange Service and Fort Leonard Wood Clothing Initial Issue Point began fitting drill sergeants for the new uniform at the post’s Clothing and Sales Store Tuesday.

The new uniform, sometimes referred to as “pinks and greens,” is a modern throwback to the winter service uniforms worn by Soldiers during World War II. Army officials said the intent is to pay homage to the Greatest Generation by giving current Soldiers an everyday business suit “for professional environments that honors our heritage.”

Staff Sgt. Shomone Hemphill, a drill sergeant with Company D, 31st Engineer Battalion, was one of about 30 drill sergeants being fitted Tuesday. He said he likes the idea behind the change.

“It looks good,” he said. “It feels like it’s embracing the older culture of what the Army was built on. Hopefully, it brings the respect that the Army has always had with it.”

Another drill sergeant being fitted alongside Hemphill – Staff Sgt. Cathy Millan, Company D, 35th Engineer Battalion – noted the increased variety of sizes available.

“It’s more fitting to the individual for sure and more comfortable,” she said.

More than 280 drill sergeants here are scheduled to be fitted for the new uniform this month, and Fort Leonard Wood Exchange General Manager Beth Pritchard said outfitting the drill sergeants was one of the last necessary steps before the uniforms are available for the general active-duty population.

“It’s so exciting because we do have Soldiers coming in and looking at the uniforms,” she said. “It’s being so well received by everyone. We’re going to be taking care of Soldiers – that’s what we’re here for.”

The new uniform fills the gap between formal and utility wear, Army officials said. The AGSU will be the everyday service uniform for all Soldiers and the current Army Service Uniform will be reserved for more formal occasions.

All active component enlisted Soldiers will continue to receive the annual clothing allowance to offset the cost of the AGSU and its implementation will be cost-neutral for the Army as a whole, according to the Army website,