Since 1941, the Letterkenny Munitions Center has supplied the Joint Warfighter with rapid power projection to anywhere in the world. As the one-stop shop for missile maintenance, modification, repair, guidance testing and demilitarization, LEMC provides its customers with unique advantages that are difficult to replicate. America’s Warfighter deserves the best in effective, dependable, high-tech weaponry and that’s exactly what they’ve come to expect from LEMC.In addition to LEMC’s artisan workforce providing services across a diverse platform of munitions and ordnance, LEMC also provides significant logistical advantages to their customers. Within close proximity to a number of air and sea ports in the Northeast, LEMC is strategically located to expedite munitions anywhere they are needed. Access to an extensive rail network and interstate highway system provides efficient logistical options for those looking to move product safely and securely. Once on Depot, LEMC’s multiple containerization facilities are able to process more than 200 20ft. containers a day, ensuring a timely processing and delivery time.As the Center for Industrial and Technical Excellence for the Multiple Launch Family of Munitions, LEMC is the premier maintenance location for the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System and the Army Tactical Missile System for the Army and Marine Corps.  LEMC is also currently producing the Low Cost Reduced Range Practice Rocket, as well as assembling the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System for the Army, Navy and foreign customers. LEMC also performs maintenance on missiles for the Air Force and Navy to include the High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile Sidewinder and Sidewinder 9X, the Joint Air to Surface Stand-off Missile, and the Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile.Prioritizing quality, LEMC’s non-destructive testing options allow for cost, efficiency and accuracy. Using dye-penetrant testing, magnetic resonance imaging and 20-inch steel X-Ray capability, LEMC is able to safely diagnose potential issues without creating unnecessary damage to the product. This creates a more favorable financial bottom line for LEMC customers and ultimately ensures product integrity.For munitions that have outlived their usefulness and are scheduled for destruction, LEMC operates an extensive demilitarization operation capable of the safe disposal of antiquated ordnance. Their traditional open-burn and open-detonation operations are supplemented by a state-of-the-art Ammonium Perchlorate Rocket Motor Destruction Facility. By using a confined-burn system and capturing the byproducts of rocket motor exhaust before the gas reaches the atmosphere, LEMC’s ARMD facility reduces pollution during the demilitarization process by more than 98 percent. With a commitment to balancing mission objectives with environmental stewardship, LEMC is using new technology to improve upon their current process.Maintaining our national defense, protecting democracy and supplying our men and women in uniform with the lethality they need to carry out their mission is paramount. LEMC has the demonstrated the capability necessary to meet that need.