Members of the Fort Gordon community joined Eisenhower Army Medical Center staff for a memorialization ceremony on Aug. 20.Formerly Troop Medical Clinic 4, EAMC leaders unveiled a bronze plaque baring the name and brief biography of Private Henry S. Huber, for whom the building is now named after.In his opening remarks, Command Sgt. Maj. William Allen, EAMC’s senior NCO, said the clinic is the first of its kind on Fort Gordon as a “tri-service clinic which is dedicated to the Department of Defense’s core mission of readiness.”Allen went on to say the newly named and restructured Private Henry S. Huber Troop Medical Clinic was an “aggressive move by Eisenhower Army Medical Center to find creative ways to increase services in an era of uncertainty and reduced resources – much like Private Henry Hubert himself, who was awarded the Silver Star.”Hubert was a medic assigned to the 5th Field Signal Battalion, 3rd Infantry Division during World War I. While in France, on Oct. 4, 1918, he provided medical aid to severely wounded comrades under heavy enemy fire. His heroic actions that day earned him the Silver Star.“How symbolic that the Medical and Signal Corps’ are linked again today by this hero the clinic is named after,” Allen said.Adding to what Allen said about Huber, Col. Carlene A.S Blanding, EAMC commander, said the significance of the naming is that it also shows the link between Army medicine, EAMC and the signal/cyber community.“Our relationship on this installation is significant as we bridge gaps within our system … to ensure the relationships with our Navy, Air Force, and Marine teammates are solid and grounded. We’re here to ensure that happens,” Blanding said. “What we do in this building touches each and every person across this organization, and so how we do it and the policies and procedures we put in place is significant to take care of all of us on this installation.”Service members who enter Private Henry S. Huber Troop Medical Clinic will be able to take advantage of resources that help ensure readiness – all under one roof – versus previously having to move between buildings across the installation.“We have really tried to meet the demands by really changing how we do business, and this is why this clinic came about,” Blanding said.“You come here, get everything taken care, and then you’re on your way,” added Maj. Antione Barnett, chief of Tri-Service Medical Care and OIC of Private Henry S. Huber Troop Medical Clinic. “It’s been a big difference when it comes to the quality of service and access to have us all located in one building.”Following remarks, attendees were invited to tour the clinic. Thinking of those who will enter the clinic in coming days, Barnett said he hopes each person takes a moment to read Huber’s story and reflect on what it means to serve.Private Huber was part of the Signal Corps and he was also a medic who put his life on the line to save someone else, and we should want to follow the same footsteps as Private Huber as far as the sacrifices we make … to make sure that someone’s health care, readiness, and also their personal health is first and foremost, because that’s what we’re here for,” Barnett said.The Private Henry S. Huber Troop Medical Clinic is located in Building 21712, at 428 22nd Street.