As we celebrate Labor Day on September 7th, we pay tribute to all of our citizens who have workedso hard to create and sustain this great Nation. We should never forget that our Nation's strength,freedom, and prosperity would not be possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of theAmerican worker.2. Labor Day has also traditionally signaled the end of summer and provided one final time to enjoythe recreational activities that make summer great. However, many of those activities entail hazardsthat can lead to serious accidents, especially if we lose our safety focus or become complacent. ThisLabor Day will be one-of-a-kind given the threats posed by the COVID-19 epidemic. Ensure you andall of your Chana are adhering to State and military guidance for mitigating the COVID-19 threat.Soldiers and families are urged to stay home and minimize unnecessary social contact. If venturingout, ensure you practice proper hygiene, wear protective masks, practice social distancing, andremember that social gatherings are not permitted.3. Leaders at all levels will conduct safety briefings prior to the holiday that include analysis of therisks associated with weather and surf conditions, water related activities, sports injury avoidance,motorcycle safety and responsible alcohol consumption. First-line supervisors will have the last 15minutes of the last duty day before the weekend to talk one-on-one with their Soldiers about theirplanned activities. The importance of these verbal contracts cannot be overstated. You can findthousands of helpful K. I. S.S. Safety Tips on the front page of the 8th TSC NIPR portal or at Proponent for this memorandum is the 8th TSC Senior Safety Manager, Mr. Tim Ah Young-Sheltonat DSN 315-437-1080 or You are a valuable member of the 8th Theater Sustainment Command. We want every member ofthe team to maintain a sound life balance between work and off-duty time. Thank you for yourcontinued service to our great nation. "One Team", "SUSTAIN THE FORCE"!