ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- This has been a historic time in our nation’s history. The last six months have challenged our capabilities, but you managed to balance mission requirements while taking the necessary precautions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.In just a few days, the summer vacations will come to a close. As we approach the Labor Day holiday, please continue to keep safety in mind.Regardless of whether you are traveling or remain close to home, we can take steps to avoid accidents and injuries during this well-deserved break.Our mission remains critical as we continue to provide Army readiness. Equipping the men and women in uniform with the combat vehicles, weapons and components they need and deserve requires each of you.As you’ve read in previous issues of TRACKS and heard on last week’s Morning Show, Project Inclusion is an Army initiative where leaders are creating opportunities for employees to discuss issues related to diversity.The Army leaders are committed to fostering a culture that promotes and practices diversity, equity and inclusion. We must build trust and accept the experiences, cultures, characteristics and backgrounds each Soldier and civilian brings to the institution.The primary purpose of this initiative is to create a safe space for employees to share information and talk about topics related to race, gender and other diversity-related issues, without risk of retaliation.Anniston Army Depot recently received a survey, created by TACOM, which numerous ANAD employees participated in online. Thank you to all who took the time to express your thoughts and ensure the depot was represented.Sensing sessions have also recently been held in the Physical Fitness Center to gauge the importance of diverse representation to employees and learn where improvements can be made.There will be larger sensing sessions to come. Please stay tuned for those opportunities and respond as you are able. The more participation we have, the better we will be as a depot and the better our Army and our nation will be.It’s not until we effectively communicate with each other that we see each side of these issues.We want to ensure employees feel safe to express their opinions throughout the sensing sessions and throughout the entire Project Inclusion process.Through this, we expect to drive change in a number of venues.ANAD is initiating a diversity council. This group will be comprised of leaders from throughout the installation as well as all tenant organizations and AFGE Local 1945. The diversity council will serve as a tool, helping us to work through some of the Project Inclusion initiatives.Once the council is in place, we want to create a forum to give employees the ability to address diversity issues with the leaders.We know many of these issues are already discussed in the shops and break rooms. We want to bring those discussions to the leadership, where policies can be implemented and changes can be directed.There are a lot of opportunities for rumors and misinformation. We want to implement change the right way, through involvement at every level of the organization.Throughout the Army, Project Inclusion is a people-first initiative. Your opinions and thoughts matter.