Employees at Fort Rucker gathered Aug. 7, to participate in U.S. Army Installation Management Command’s Service Culture Campaign (SCC) refresher course “Create your Personal Signature”.The course is one of 20 refresher courses offered to non-supervisory personnel assigned to IMCOM to help them incorporate service excellence in all aspects of operations.IMCOM’s workforce and leaders are required to take one Service Culture Campaign refresher course per year to foster relationships. In the course, they are reminded how to take care of IMCOM’s most valuable resource; its people, the workforce and their customers.However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, face-to-face training for the civilian workforce has slowed down or stopped altogether. Alfred Alexander, Transition Services Manager and Service Culture Facilitator at Fort Rucker, decided to utilize one of the platforms available to Department of Defense civilians to facilitate this course virtually.“This course reminds all employees that the work we do at IMCOM is unique and we need to feel proud”, said Alexander.In ‘Create your Personal Signature,’ Alexander presented participants with opportunities to discuss reasons why the work at IMCOM is never ordinary, regardless of what we do for the organization.Gaining a better understanding of IMCOM’s tag line, “We are the Army’s Home” and its Mission statement, “IMCOM delivers quality base support from the Strategic Support Area, enabling readiness for a globally responsive Army,” were the participants’ focus. They learned that IMCOM’s customers should perceive a sense of home every time they seek services; a sense of security, belonging, trust, friendship, and support.Alexander converted this course into a virtual learning opportunity. Participants were required to read IMCOM’s Pledge to our Customers and the course outline before the class started. This allowed students the time to start thinking about course topics and come prepared to contribute to a lively discussion during the actual class.One class participant said that the course helped them see how their job relates to IMCOM’s tag line and mission.Other attendees said that the virtual interaction helped everyone stay involved throughout the course.When talking with graduates of the most recent Service Culture Facilitator course, IMCOM’s Commanding General, LTG Douglas Gabram spoke about the importance of the SCC."I ask you to apply this, practice the SCC, and spread the word,” said Gabram. “The Service Culture Campaign will be a powerful tool going forward.”More info available at:https://home.army.mil/imcom/index.php/professionals/scchttps://army.deps.mil/army/cmds/imcom_HQ/SCI/SitePages/IMCOM%20Service%20Culture%20Campaign.aspx