VICENZA - The Vicenza Sergeant Morales Club, alongside members of the Vicenza Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program and other volunteers, helped mow lawns for families in Villaggio Army Family Housing Aug. 15, 2020.Approximately 15 volunteers, including members of the SMC, BOSS, and Soldiers from a local Army Reserve unit, took part in the event through Army Community Service.“The Vicenza Sergeant Morales Club began coordinating this initiative back in June when we learned that the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team would be combining their Brigade Field Training Exercise along with the annual Saber Junction exercise,” said event coordinator Sgt. 1st Class Nicholas Razzano, from the SMC.“We were trying to find a way to support the Vicenza Military Community's lower enlisted families and provide support to Soldiers and families that may not have the financial means or physical capability to perform lawn maintenance while their sponsor was in the field for an extended period of time,” he said.The Vicenza SMC Club Chapter of Excellence promotes the highest ideals of integrity, professionalism, and leadership for enlisted Service members serving in Europe.Razzano explained that the club is comprised one hundred percent of noncommissioned officers whose leadership is characterized by a personal concern for the needs, training, development, and welfare of Soldiers and who have contributed significantly to developing a professional NCO Corps and a combat-effective Army.“We believe that is our call to coach, counsel, and mentor our current and future Army leaders while serving the Vicenza Military Community,” he said.“The response was slightly limited due to the fact that we did not want to disturb the families that we were serving. Our volunteers were all given assigned house numbers on Villaggio and paired up in battle buddy teams to complete the assigned tasks,” Razzano added.Someone in the neighborhood put out snacks and water and that was greatly appreciated.Sgt. Joseph Nuttall, BOSS advisor, was one of the volunteers who provided manpower.“The two programs [BOSS & SMC] provided support to families by a lending hand with lawn care by mowing, weed whacking, and pulling weeds. Some 30 lawns at Villaggio were taken care of,” he said.“The goal is to increase the morale and decrease the stress that families currently have at home.”To inquire about how you can apply for membership or to serve with the Sergeant Morales Club in the future, please send your inquiries to